ThreeSixty Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers offer unique talents and perspectives that further enhance what ThreeSixty Journalism’s small staff already provides. Throughout the year, volunteers can provide support in the following ways:

• Summer camp assistance

• Guest presentations about your career path

• Teach classroom workshops

• Mentor student reporters and photographers

• Edit stories prior to publication

• Assist at the fall fundraiser (and other special events)

• Bundle donations from people in professional and personal networks

• Lead newsroom and office tours

Let us know how you’d like to be involved by filling out a volunteer interest form. We’d love to use your skills in whatever capacity works best.


“Wherever any teen starts from, most share unlimited curiosity about the world and the desire to describe that world as they see it. ThreeSixty builds on the assets every young person brings to the table and gives them access to real tools that they can use to tell their stories and tell the news of the planet as we hand it over to them.” — Joe Pastoor, parent/teacher

“It’s a pleasure, not an obligation. (This program) is a life changing experience.” — Gino Terrell, alumnus

“it works. I’ve come to know some of the wonderful, committed and creative students. The journalism they produce far exceeds my expectations and all of us on the board are so proud of them and dedicated to offering these opportunities to even more students.” — Dennis McGrath, board member

“I don’t want journalism, or journalists, ever to be perceived as out of reach, and the extra nudge that the summer camps give might be the difference between a student being confident enough to stay with it. And heck, even if I weren’t helping to teach, I’d just sit back and soak up the creativity and crazy energy the campers bring in. The ThreeSixty classroom is like many newsrooms across the nation —full of daily challenges but never, ever boring.” — Mark Holland, Star Tribune copy editor


Get connected and stay involved with ThreeSixty! We love to have alum on board for all of our programming needs. Help out however you see fit by visiting our alumni engagement page. Also, check out some of the distinguished faces who proudly comprise our family tree.