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VIDEO: At-risk youth now on track to become lawyer

Richard Terrell, 21, was the kind of junior high student that was more interested in fighting than studying. But with the support of his grandparents, who fostered him and his siblings, and other strong support, Terrell didn’t fall prey to the troubles that claim so many at-risk youth. Today, he works multiple jobs, including an internship at a prestigious law firm in downtown Minneapolis, and dreams of one day becoming a judge.

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Students at Humboldt Junior High talk about Barack Obama

This report from Humboldt Junior High finds many young men, especially young black men, fear if Barack Obama is elected that he will be assassinated.

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Why do people love comic books?

A Humboldt Junior High investigation of why comic book fans can’t put down their super-hero-filled stories.

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A look at bullying at Humboldt Junior High School

Brittany Hobson reports about the effects of bullying at Humboldt Junior High.

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SLIDE SHOW: Monday RNC Protest

ThreeSixty photographer Leah Sorensen joined the estimated 10,000 protesters in downtown St. Paul on the first day of the Republican National Convention.