Protect your rep: What you post online can influence your professional future

Most teens know the main rule for protecting themselves on the Internet: “Don’t post anything your parents wouldn’t like.” But is that really reality?

Tag, you're (not) it: Basic etiquette often an afterthought when posting to Facebook

You wouldn’t display your best friend’s picture on a billboard if it were embarrassing, would you?

Reading the fineprint determines your online advertising profile

Advertisers on the Internet aren’t telepathic, but they still know what you’re thinking. And believe it or not, you’re the one who helps them, just by starting a Gmail account. or liking a company on Facebook.

Someone is always watching: Police use social media as a tool for investigations

When T.J. Neely came home to Minneapolis from prison recently, he shut down his Facebook page. All of his friends and connections deactivated.

Tackling technology: Stories from ThreeSixty's June Intermediate Camp

Teens love technology. Who knew? These articles and photos were produced by 11 Twin Cities high school students who participated in ThreeSixty’s residential journalism camp from June 16 to 28.

Buzzworthy brands: What latest social media trend is worth paying attention to?

Vine. Tumblr. Snapchat. There’s always something new in the social media realm to go crazy about. But what’s really worth your attention and time?

Digital permanence: What goes on the Internet stays on the Internet

When you’re 16, you feel invincible, maybe even confident you’ll live forever. However, what you post online today will be forever. Even when you’re dead, your photos, videos and blogs can still be visible to others.

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Teens tune out Facebook while turning to other social media sites

Teens are waking up to the fact that their Facebook friends aren’t necessarily their real friends. In fact, those online acquaintances can be bullies, braggarts and worth tuning out.

Keeping schools safe: Gun control grabs the headlines, but more is needed to protect teens

Sandy Hook. Like Columbine before it, the name will forever be attached to school violence.

Peer-to-peer positivity: Counselors can help, but the real difference makers are students

As counseling resources continue to dwindle, the need for mental health outreach falls on students. Not in a cumbersome way, but in a way they can relate best to their peers — through everyday compassion.

Know the rules, know your school: Inside and out, schools require attentive eyes and ears

How can school officials make sure they’re monitoring every place students might gather? They can’t, but knowing where students like to cluster can be a huge help to time-strapped principals like Michael Bradley of Roosevelt High School.

Tired of waiting for answers, Jordan’s police chief finds his own school safety solution

Post-Sandy Hook, the quiet city of Jordan decided its own unique, perhaps unprecedented, approach was worth pursuing. That meant moving the police chief into the high school, full-time.

The new normal: The threat of violence weighs heavy on the minds of school and safety officials

From mass media to local blogs to the Capitol rotunda, events like the Sandy Hook tragedy have left an indelible mark on our collective psyche. What is happening inside Twin Cities schools to ensure that students are as safe as possible?

Signs of domestic violence aren't always obvious, especially in teen relationships

A disturbing trend for domestic violence in the Twin Cities has claimed the lives of several young women. What should teens know about the warning signs in the same kind of unhealthy relationships?

Feeling disconnected: Phone calls take on new meaning for the Bowie family

A jail sentence for her father gave Anika Bowie a new appreciation for phone communication — and the price prisoners pay to keep it.

Budding debate: Minnesota teens argue whether marijuana should be legalized

With votes considered unthinkable a decade ago, residents of Colorado and Washington are free to breathe in new freedoms thanks to the legalization of marijuana last November—a first in the U.S.

When the smoke clears: What are teen attitudes about marijuana use?

Marijuana doesn’t get the full court press like alcohol or tobacco. So what do teens think about pro-pot legislation and recent studies that show an intelligence drop-off from frequent usage?

When the smoke clears: Could marijuana legislation arrive on Minnesota's doorstep?

With votes considered unthinkable a decade ago, residents of Colorado and Washington are free to breathe in new freedoms thanks to the legalization of marijuana last November — a first in the U.S.

Bridging the age gap: Older guy + younger girl = trouble, right?

Having a partner who is much older or younger has become somewhat trendy among young adults. But are there greater risks to consider with a large age gap between partners?

Winter biking in Minnesota leads to crazy adventures, plenty of frozen toes

If you think 20 degrees is balmy, you know you’re from Minnesota. If you think that’s a good temperature for a bike ride, you know you’re crazy.

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