Roseville group fighting for Darfur

{{“Roseville group fighting for Darfur”}} by Andrew Worrall, Roseville Area High School

Never too young to be homeless

{{“Never too young to be homeless”}} by Aimee Cote, Buffalo High School

I’ll Always Be Hmong

Ian Yue and Mai Cha Vang do a story about a {{young Hmong man from St. Paul}} who’s been keeping a secret from his family for fear of angering his parents: He’s gay. He’s not the only one in the Twin Cities’ Hmong community who is struggling with his/her sexual orientation and how to be honest about it and deal with the consequences

Return to Cambodia

It’s 10:30 a.m. and I am only a few minutes away from boarding the Northwest Airlines flight out of the Twin Cities. Thirteen years have passed since my family and I came to the U.S. And now {{I am going back to Cambodia}} where my parents were born.

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