Bringing Burma Home

When the bus pulled away from Sangkhlaburi, Thailand, filmmaker Michael McCaffrey, 28, found himself 8,300 miles from home, drenched by rain, in the middle of a remote street with no idea what to do next or how to communicate with the locals.

This was only the beginning of his journey to capture on video the issues facing persecuted refugees from Burma.

Coming to America, land of obstacles and opportunity

On February 19, 2004, 15-year-old Jaewon Cho stepped out an airplane
at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, dazed and tired from a gruesome
14-hour plane ride. Some 6,220 miles away from everything he knew, he stepped
onto the unfamiliar ground of a new country while looking to his parents and older sister for support.

“I felt strange and weird that I was in different country – half excited and half nervous,” Cho remembered.

This New Life in India

Alarm clocks all across America are going off. Many teenagers groan, roll out of bed, throw on whatever they can find, grab a bite to eat, and rush out of the door to go to school.

This not the case for 17-year-old Adia Singh. Each morning, Singh wakes up promptly at 8 a.m., sits down to eat her breakfast with her family, and goes off to school — not to learn but as a volunteer helping feed malnourished children.

She then goes back to her home and gets ready for school.

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I’ll Always Be Hmong

Ian Yue and Mai Cha Vang do a story about a young Hmong man from St. Paul who’s been keeping a secret from his family for fear of angering his parents: He’s gay. He’s not the only one in the Twin Cities’ Hmong community who is struggling with his/her sexual orientation and how to be honest about it and deal with the consequences

Summer 2006 Workshop Articles

Fourteen students from Minnesota high schools spent two weeks in June 2006 at the ThreeSixty summer workshop at the University of St. Thomas. The result: four pages of stories published in the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press.

Soccer World: a Taste of Minnesota Friendly

Soccer World;1,006 teams from 21 countries and 25 states compete for the USA cup and create lifelong memories

Education costly for undocumented immigrants

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Soldier-father adjusts after third Iraq tour

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One troop's mission to educate

{{“One troop’s mission to educate”}} by Mysee Chang, Buffalo High School

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