Honorable Mention -- Media gives opportunities

Media has changed the way the world works. It’s easier for many people to get the news and for some teens it’s easier to get their homework done.

Honorable Mention -- I Was Technology

In the winter, my schedule was a snowstorm full of technology. My life was wrapped in technology because I didn’t want to go out in the cold.

Third Place -- The impact of recreational media

Recreational media is a big part of my life. There is nothing like knowing about new things. It could be about sports, celebrities or sometimes politics.

Second Place -- Are you too plugged in?

Am I plugged in? Of course, I am. Technology plays a big role in my life. Every aspect of my life has some kind of technology connected to it.

When I am at home, I watch TV.

First place winner -- Recreational Media: Vice or Virtue?

In my life, recreational media serves as both a distraction and a tool that keeps me connected with the fast pace of the world today.

How much media (TV, music, computers, video games, etc.) do you consume a day?

0 hours
About 2 hours
About 5 hours
About 8 hours
More than 10 hours

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