More students booting up computers to go to school

Computing to school, online schools gain popularity

More Minnesota students are turning to digital classrooms by enrolling in online classes and schools.

Schools try to ban cellphones from school

Cellphones in school a tool for teaching and troublemaking

Claire McKitrick, a senior at South High School in Minneapolis, was standing in the hallway just checking the time on her cellphone last fall when her coach snatched it out of her hand with no warning.

Illustration by Ruby Thompson of Avalon School

Cyberbullying is for cowards

Alfred Olson, 16, was visiting an online forum, “Forum Springs,” when an anonymous person told him: “Screw you, you suck.”

A teen tries to talk to a friend while she texts

Teen texting pet peeves: Are you a rude texter?

You’re at dinner with your best friend, talking, eating, and having a great time. Until she pulls out her phone and starts texting. You’re annoyed.

Texting teens increase 40 percent in 3 years.

Texting teens increase 40 percent in 3 years

When Grace Pastoor’s parents opened their April cell phone bill, they were shocked. The 80-page bill chronicled their 16-year-old daughter’s 34,000 text messages. They took her phone away because they thought her texting habit resembled an addiction.

A robot attempts to pick up a ball to shoot it into a goal at the state fair

Minnesota teens test their robotics skills daily at the fair

When the Woodbury Math and Science Academy’s robot reached its arm up to grasp a wooden tower and pulled itself off the ground, it pretty much guaranteed a win for the robotics team at the Minnesota S

Luke Anshur

Teen starts computer repair business when he can't find a job

“I searched up and down and it seemed like no one wanted to hire me for my skills. I didn’t know what to do,” Luke Anshur said.

Teen texting while driving

Teens text while driving because ignoring friends seems rude

Every time Carter Falah, 17, gets into a car, he starts to text. The Edison High School student said that on average he sends up to five texts while driving.

Winning essays of Your Turn: Are you too plugged in to be happy?

A recent study found on average 15- to 18-year-old Americans consume about 8 hours of media for fun per day. The study also found, the more media teens use, the less happy they seem to be. Twin Cities teens write about the impact constant access to entertainment has on their lives.

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