Digital dilemma: Weighing the artistic and commercial ramifications of music piracy

Music pirates don’t always consider the consequences of illegal music downloads. That moral quandary, coupled with business considerations, can create quite a bit of controversy.

Buzzworthy brands: What latest social media trend is worth paying attention to?

Vine. Tumblr. Snapchat. There’s always something new in the social media realm to go crazy about. But what’s really worth your attention and time?

Artistic empowerment finds a voice on Kickstarter, YouTube

For some, the beauty of technology is that you never have to leave your bedroom. As Ka Lia Yang demonstrates, music can have a wide-reaching impact, all thanks to YouTube.

Digital permanence: What goes on the Internet stays on the Internet

When you’re 16, you feel invincible, maybe even confident you’ll live forever. However, what you post online today will be forever. Even when you’re dead, your photos, videos and blogs can still be visible to others.

Facebook logo

Teens tune out Facebook while turning to other social media sites

Teens are waking up to the fact that their Facebook friends aren’t necessarily their real friends. In fact, those online acquaintances can be bullies, braggarts and worth tuning out.

The cool corner: Teen Tech Center plugs into 21st century

Looking for a place to record music or experiment with Photoshop? Take a peek inside the Minneapolis Central Library’s flashy new Teen Tech Center.

(Anti) social media: Teens might 'live' on Facebook and Twitter, but thinking is still required

Think Facebook and Twitter is all fun and games? The Steubenville rape case puts teens under the social media microscope.

The App Expert: Tech reviews for teens ('Modern Combat 4,' theScore, Google Maps)

ThreeSixty’s resident technology guru Darwesh Singh gets app happy with a regular series of reviews for teens.

YourTurn winners: What are the effects of classroom technologies?

How has technology affected high school learning? Our essay winners weigh in.

What's your favorite technology for learning?

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