Students and a teacher work in a geometry class.

Figuring it out together

At Lincoln International, immigrant teens share the work of mastering a new language.

David Gustafson helps a customer while working at Dairy Queen.

Too much work takes time away from school

On a recent work night, there weren’t enough people to close down the Dairy Queen store where I work, so I had to stay late and help out. But when you have two tests the next day and an hour of math homework on top of that, every minute counts.

Painting of a school bus

Breathing easier

A state program has helped clean up the exhaust from thousands of school buses.

Nasro Mahamud works on a project in Thomas Belt’s Arabic class at Roosevelt High

Salam. (Hello.)

Minneapolis public schools now offer K-12 Chinese and Arabic language classes.

GLBTQ Online High School logo

New online H.S. for GLBTQ students

In January 2010, a new online school opened in Minnesota for GLBTQ students.

Myron Medcalf speaks with students at Edison High School in Minneapolis.

No longer a knucklehead

When Myron Medcalf was a student reporter, he tried to get an interview with then-quarterback Duante Culpepper at the Minnesota Vikings training camp in Mankato. Sure, Culpepper told him, wait right here. So Medcalf waited. And waited. And waited.

Jessica reviews an assignment corrected by a teacher.

Lost in the crowd no longer

Instead of standing outside at 7 a.m. in the freezing cold for a school bus, I’m still in bed. While other high school students are in their second hour of class, I’m just getting up, making my brother and sister breakfast and sometimes watching an episode of Scooby Doo. That’s because I go to an online high school, Minnesota Connections Academy.

More students booting up computers to go to school

Computing to school, online schools gain popularity

More Minnesota students are turning to digital classrooms by enrolling in online classes and schools.

Schools try to ban cellphones from school

Cellphones in school a tool for teaching and troublemaking

Claire McKitrick, a senior at South High School in Minneapolis, was standing in the hallway just checking the time on her cellphone last fall when her coach snatched it out of her hand with no warning.

Watch video

What would teens say about education if they could make a rap or spoken word video about it?

The Get Schooled Foundation, a nonprofit that partners celebrity role models with urban youth to encourage kids to stay in school, is giving teens a cool opportunity to speak from their hearts about h


Decrease cost of college by earning post-secondary credits in high school

Four programs available in many Minnesota high schools can help you earn college credits before you even know what college you’re going to. The challenge is figuring out what the programs are and which one is best for you.

Maya Parker artwork

How to get as many scholarships for college as possible

With college tuition rising each year, high school students everywhere are looking for ways to pay for college without building a huge pile of debt.

Dymanh Chhoun

Not an academic superstar? College still an option

Dymanh Chhoun wasn’t an academic superstar in high school, and he also didn’t borrow a lot of money for college, but he’ll accomplish his dream this spring of graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Minnesota.

Is college worth it?

In 2010, in the middle of the Great Recession, when many college grads were selling shoes or delivering pizza,
some people asked: Is college worth it?

Your Turn

Essay contest reveals bullying is common

One surprise in ThreeSixty Journalism’s essay contest about bullying is how common it is, particularly among middle-school students. In most cases, the bullying is not via cyberspace but in the gym, the cafeteria, the school hallway.

Patience before and after her big chop

My hair is a statement I never planned to make

More than a year ago, Patience Zalanga decided to “go natural” and stop chemically relaxing hair. After cutting it off in a “big chop,” this St. Paul teen’s hair took her on a journey of discovery about just how much of a statement hair can be.

Sharaya Jackson returned to high school this fall after dropping out

For the Marines, a GED isn't good enough

Sharaya Jackson, 19, dropped out half way through her senior year at Washburn High School in Minneapolis. She left home because of conflicts with her mother, and became homeless.

Rapper Brother Ali never earned his diploma, but he wants to now

Q & A with Rapper Brother Ali: High school opens huge doors

Local rapper Brother Ali never finished high school. It made him feel shame, which is why he helped out Minneapolis public schools with an effort to attract back high school drop outs by doing a TV commercial for the district. After finishing his current tour, Brother Ali plans to finish his diploma.

Edwin Flowers

Making the grade: A new school and committed mentor lead St. Paul teen to success

It was fourth period, the most dreaded period of my eighth grade year – math. I was seated as always in the front of the classroom because my teacher, Mr. Hirsch, knew that my favorite time to begin talking was during the lesson when he stood beside the overhead explaining equations and formulas, all those x’s and y’s.

Minneapolis campaigns to convince dropouts to return to school

Minneapolis works to bring back high school dropouts

After an estimated 1,900 students left Minneapolis public schools before graduating during the 2009-2010 school year, the school district teamed up with teen volunteers in a campaign to bring them back to school.

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