Illustration by Ruby Thompson of Avalon School

Big changes come to schools due to lack of funds, test score gaps

Last spring, ThreeSixty’s spring News Team class tackled a huge project — investigating the changes starting this year in the Saint Paul Public School district due to loses of funding and persistent test score gaps between races.

Vang Thao

What do Driver's Ed and Spider-Man have in common?

A lot of teens groan at the thought of having to take a Driver’s Education class just to get a permit and then a license. Some often wonder why we need Driver’s Ed.

Isaura Greene

Picking apples, making lip balm and shoveling llama poop for school

For most kids, the start of a school year is exciting. But for those who are new to a school, it can be nerve-wracking. The upper classmen are intimidating with their make-up, their dyed hair, their low-cut shirts and their baggy pants. “Tall kids, short kids, so many kids!” as Dr. Seuss might’ve said.

Lorna Liu

Only 275 days of school left

School: for some, it’s the dreadful period after summer. For others, it’s a time to see old friends and socialize. For me, it’s time to start work.


What are you looking forward to most this new school year?

Tiana Daniels, Johnson High School

City, suburban students stereotype each other, schools

Clean halls. Quiet classrooms. Calm lunch hours. Silent libraries.

Josh Luger, 17, gets ready to snap the ball to the Breck School’s quarterback.

Sports and concussions, is it worth the risk?

When Josh Luger, 17, of Minneapolis, snapped the ball back to the quarterback in an November 2009 varsity football game, the next few seconds changed his life.

Rebecca Peltzer-Miller, Central High School

Staying on the same page

Superintendent Valeria Silva thinks when parents walk into any St. Paul Public School, it should be like walking into a Target store.

“Wherever you go in any part (of Target), you’re going to know that there are standards. You see your ads on the wall … the manager’s picture … so you have a set of expectations,” Silva said.

Maya Shelton-Davies, River Falls High School

Students worry about new plan

In past years, St. Paul students could apply to any high school in the district and get bus transportation to that school, if there was enough room.


Critics worry change to neighborhood schools could lessen diversity

In St. Paul Central High School’s cafeteria, it’s easy to see how diverse the school is. Just listening in on students’ conversations, you can hear just about every language being spoken from Somali to Spanish to Hmong.

Alexcia Jellum of St. Paul Central Senior High School

Can limiting choices make better schools?

If you are an eighth grader at Murray Junior High in St. Paul and you are planning on going to Central Senior High, things may not go according to your plan. Change is coming to the St. Paul public school system over the next three years.

Author Lorna Liu, Woodbury High School

Think all-nighters help on tests? Experts say no.

When a test is coming up, many students hit the books a day before. Cramming, they stay up until the crack of dawn.

But new research suggests all-night study sessions may not be the best choice when studying for a test, because of the relationship between memory and sleep

How do you study for a test?

Almost 4,900 MN seniors didn’t pass state graduation tests. Is it right to deny someone a diploma because of one test?

Jeff poses with Bucky Badger, the University of Wisconsin-Madison's mascot.

A commencement speech from a guy who's been there, done that

Here are some hard lessons that no one told me when I went off to college. These are the biggest challenges I’ve faced since leaving home that pushed me to grow up and truly embrace independence.

ThreeSixty Journalism reporter produces online and radio story for Minnesota Public Radio

It is a proud day here at ThreeSixty Journalism. Grace Pastoor, one of our veteran reporters, had her voice grace the airwaves at 6:50 and 8:40 a.m. this morning on Minnesota Public Radio with a fantastic story about bullying from the teen perspective.

Jesse Garcia speaks to a group of guys about why they lag behind girls at school

Where are the guys?

Check out the new video of the Q & A by IFP Minnesota teens.

Weak role models, more distractions and less pressure to excel are among the reasons guys say they fall behind girls in school.

What makes a great high school teacher?

In an essay contest this spring, ThreeSixty Journalism noted that a national education group recently gave Minnesota a D+ for its weak efforts to improve teaching. Then we asked teens: How would you grade your teachers?

2010 Minnesota Student Survey results show positive trends

Heading in the right direction

How do Minnesota teens feel about their teachers, friends and parents? Are they smoking or drinking less? How does that differ from teens in years past? According to a survey of 9th and 12th graders, the news is mostly good.

Online high schools gain in popularity

Computing to school

Online courses can offer students opportunities like practicing their Chinese with a native speaker through Skype. Check out three stories examining the increasing popularity of online learning. Reporter Jessica Langevin writes about what it’s like to go to school online full-time, and yes, she still has plenty of friends. And a new high school for GLBTQ youth opened January 2010.

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