Cassie Ruha, 18, got this angel tattoo at 16 in memory of her grandfather

It's the law: no more tattoos for minors

Two years ago, Cassie Ruha got a tattoo of an angel on her back after her grandfather’s passing.

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VIDEO: From video games to real life: Guns have deadly consequences.

It is not uncommon for teens to use guns in video games or see shootings on TV or the movies. However, those images can blur the line between fantasy and a horrible reality.

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VIDEO: Distracted driving is a major source of teen accidents

The news is constantly filled with stories of shootings, drug overdoses and other tragedies involving teens.

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Mixed message: Minnesota teens smoke and drink less, but are fatter and more likely to be hurt by guns

The concept of health goes a lot deeper than how many fruits and vegetables a person eats each day.

Teen health stories - June journalism camp

ThreeSixty's Intermediate Journalism Camp investigates teen health

In June 2010, 13 teens from all corners of the Twin Cities arrived at the University of St. Thomas and spent two weeks living, learning and doing great journalism.

Seven students produced articles while six others produced videos. All their work addresses the topic of teens and health.

Teen texting while driving

Teens text while driving because ignoring friends seems rude

Every time Carter Falah, 17, gets into a car, he starts to text. The Edison High School student said that on average he sends up to five texts while driving.

Teens spend night in box on street to try and understand homeless youth

Teens think outside the box about homelessness by sleeping in one

At sundown on April 16, a chilly Friday night in Minneapolis, 13-year-old Qa’id Walter’s feelings on homelessness were rather lighthearted. “Homelessness doesn’t seem so bad,” he said. “It sounds kinda easy and ya know, maybe a little fun.”

Despite lockdown, Minneapolis high school was pretty calm on Wednesday

By Sinthia Mireya Turcios

_Yesterday there was a lockdown at all Minneapolis public schools and at Cretin-Derha


Stopping youth violence

For the month of July, ThreeSixty’s Beginning Journalism Workshop students examined the causes and effects of youth violence. Their articles, photos and interviews all dealt with youth and violence. Minneapolis’s Blueprint for Action outlines ways to prevent and reduce youth violence.

The reporters share wisdom from a woman who’s son was murdered, the triumph of a young man on track to be a lawyer after troubled teen years, made surprising discoveries about the connections between teen pregnancy and violent lifestyles, and much more.

Your Turn winner! Ty Heimerl, "911 -- Don't call it for fun"

One day, my older brother Joe was doing the one thing that annoyed me the most: he was taking my Pokemon cards from my deck. I warned him that I was going to call the police on him if he didn’t return every last card to my deck that he had taken. Being the stubborn older brother that he was, he took his chances and kept taking cards from me. With the tears gathering in my eyes, I grabbed the phone, and began to dial the number.

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