If you could vote today, who would you choose for President?

Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
John McCain
Mitt Romney
Mike Huckabee

Turn 18 by November? Make your vote count at Feb. 5 precinct caucus.

On a cold January night, America paid close attention to a small state in the middle of the country. In Iowa, the first state this year to hold a presidential caucus or primary, my AP government class from Como Park High School took a bus from St. Paul to Mason City to see Democrats and Republicans gather in record numbers to pick who they wanted to run for president.

It wasn’t what I expected. When we first entered the schools where the caucuses were held, we were handed stickers and other campaign swag. But when people discovered that we were merely observers, nervous caucus-goers shooed us away to make sure we wouldn’t get in the way of their vote – which was tallied by raising their hands. The caucus we attended went for Hillary Clinton while Barack Obama won the state.

The excitement I saw in Iowa left me eager for my own chance to participate in the Minnesota caucuses on February 5.

DFLer Senate Hopeful Al Franken Draws Crowd at St Paul's Como High

A veteran writer from Saturday Night Live and a St. Louis Park native, Franken hopes to challenge Senator Norm Coleman in the 2008 election. First, he must defeat his DFL challenger for the party endorsement, Minneapolis lawyer Michael Ciresi.

Franken’s critics say his biggest hurdle is his show business past as a writer and comedian. Franken doesn’t agree.

“A satirist looks at a situation and cuts through all the bologna and gets to the truth,” he said.

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