Personal essay

College Essay: Finding purpose through my sister

“Tu hermana tiene autismo.”

“Your sister has autism.”

Those four words changed my life.

College Essay: Writing is a passion, a safe haven

“He’s coming,” I told my mom as we looked out of the glass patio door at home, waiting for my dad. “He’s just running late.”

College Essay: Embracing a cultural mix

As I unfolded on the cold, hard ground behind the gym bleachers with tears rolling down my eyes, I sensed that I didn’t belong.

College Essay: Winning the fight against MRSA

“Ouch,” I thought, after what seemed like a typical insect bite on my left leg. That is, until the sharp and unbearable pain put my life on hold.

College Essay: ‘Information is power’

I landed in Cairo at a revolutionary time.

College Essay: 'I am full of hope'

In the summer of 2012, my childhood friend Ayaanle and I were exploring our dusty and blazing hot Ethiopian refugee camp when suddenly, we heard gunshots.

College Essay: Hard work now, success later

For a couple of years in my early childhood, I regularly slept at night in a car. I would lie in the backseat, my legs stretching all the way to the other seat. Sometimes I would snore.

College Essay: Life lessons through Aztec dance

A 10-year-old girl beats on a wooden drum under the blazing, yellow sun: One, two, one, two, one-two-three-four.

College Essay: Making grandpa proud

I was only 16 years old. Yet I was down on my knees, changing the diaper of an 89-year-old Vietnamese man.

College Essay: ‘Everyone belongs in the light’

Once a year, my mom and I take a road trip to the same winding road along the St. Croix River, to the town of Prescott, Wisconsin.

I am nervous. I don’t enjoy it.

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