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Camp snapshots: ThreeSixty welcomes Alejandra Matos

Texas native Alejandra Matos is coaching two campers about the finer points of journalism this week. What does the young Star Tribune reporter love about her job?

Camp snapshots: ThreeSixty welcomes Brandt Williams

A veteran of the Twin Cities police and community beat, Brandt Williams is coaching two campers about the finer points of journalism this week. What are his favorite lessons from an award-winning journalism career?

Mu Performing Arts gives local Asian American actors a voice

When an opportunity didn’t exist for Asian Americans to invest in local theater, Mu Performing Arts created a community to be proud of.

Atheist profile: Alex Wick

Just because Alex Wick was born into a household with atheist parents didn’t mean he had to become one.

Unitarian profile: Laura Christenson

With an atheist father, Buddhist stepmom, Unitarian mom and Christian grandparents, Laura Christenson could have picked from an assortment of religions. She decided to become a devout Unitarian.

Buddhist profile: Seamus Flynn

Seamus Flynn is comforted by the reminder that he exists. As the world moves so quickly around him, Flynn notices how easy it is to lose sight of a concept most take for granted

Muslim profile: Ra'wi Mahamud

Ra’wi Mahamud has all the phone apps that you would expect of a 17-year-old Washburn High School junior — Twitter, Instagram, 2048, Snapchat.

Protestant profile: James Sorenson

While most students at Washburn High School dances are searching the floor for their next partner, James Sorenson is thinking about God.

Judaism profile: Phoebe Ellis

The stereotypes, the jokes, the misconceptions. Phoebe Ellis has heard it all.

Hinduism profile: Apekshya Panda

Apekshya Panda is at home inside Maple Grove’s Hindu Temple of Minnesota, a hidden gem nestled between rolling farmlands.

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