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Roseville group fighting for Darfur

{{“Roseville group fighting for Darfur”}} by Andrew Worrall, Roseville Area High School

Never too young to be homeless

{{“Never too young to be homeless”}} by Aimee Cote, Buffalo High School

Cliques -- place to belong, a way to exclude.

Humboldt Junior High students know exactly {{what cliques their peers belong to.}} Most are groups of friends who share certain interests or activities. But immigrant kids called Fresh Off the Boat speak out about how it hurts to be labelled.

Cell phones come to school

Despite school rules prohibiting cell phones, junior high students feel they’re essential to keep in touch with family and friends. Junior high students {{examine the pros and cons}} of bringing cell phones to school.

St. Paul Cops’ Best Friend (1)

{{The St. Paul Department's canine unit}}, and their training, are some of the best in the country and regularly win competitions with other departments. ThreeSixty 2006 summer workshop students Angelica Birch and Mercedes Akinseye each did a story about the dogs and their training.

I’ll Always Be Hmong

Ian Yue and Mai Cha Vang do a story about a {{young Hmong man from St. Paul}} who’s been keeping a secret from his family for fear of angering his parents: He’s gay. He’s not the only one in the Twin Cities’ Hmong community who is struggling with his/her sexual orientation and how to be honest about it and deal with the consequences

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