Rapper Brother Ali never earned his diploma, but he wants to now

Q & A with Rapper Brother Ali: High school opens huge doors

Local rapper Brother Ali never finished high school. It made him feel shame, which is why he helped out Minneapolis public schools with an effort to attract back high school drop outs by doing a TV commercial for the district. After finishing his current tour, Brother Ali plans to finish his diploma.

AUDIO STORY: Karaoke video games winning points with teens

Karaoke’s not just something drunk guys and girls do at bars anymore. The appeal of karaoke video games is growing.

“I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of how karaoke worked. I thought it was kind of corny how people would sometimes — like in movies you would see them standing and singing and sometimes they would sound really bad and I would just hope that I didn’t sound like that,” junior Elena Miller said.

While Elena sings, she watches a taller, sexed-up version of herself on the television screen. With long, black hair swinging behind her, Elena’s avatar shimmies to the music.

Rock out with your cause out

On Labor Day, the Service Employee’s International Union held its first “Take Back Labor Day” concert on Harriet Island in St. Paul, a concert the union hopes to make an annual event.

Featuring a notable set list that included Grammy-winner hip-hop artist Mos Def, and former Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, the union hoped to raise awareness about the problems currently facing labor unions in the United States while the Republican Party took center stage at the Xcel Energy Center across the river.

“Labor unions are a fundamental component of democracy,” folk-country musician Steve Earle said, which was followed by immediate applause.

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MacPhail Center's battle of the bands attracts teen musicians

High school bands from Wisconsin, Minneapolis and Wayzata battled Jan. 6 for a chance to open a Jan.

High school band win the battle

For Sarah Walk and the rest of her band, Friday night was a performance most garage bands only dream about. Flow and the Mingos, a band of Wayzata juniors, and Arts and Crafts another teen band from Chetek, Wisc., opened a concert to a crowd of 250 people at the new MacPhail Center for White Light Riot, a well-known local band.

The two high school bands won the opening spot by winning a battle of the bands sponsored Jan. 6 by MacPhail as part of the celebration for its new building in downtown Minneapolis and to show that MacPhail offers more than the classics.


Battle of the Bands to rock MacPhail Center

Musicians are gathering their best lyrics, assembling their instruments, and practicing their hit songs in preparation for a Battle of the Bands showdown put on by the MacPhail Center for Music.

As part of the week-long Grand Opening celebration for its new Minneapolis location and building, MacPhail is hosting a Battle of the Bands on Sunday, January 6, for rock musicians ages 12-18.

Want free music? How to download legally

With the Recording Industry Association of America cracking down on illegal music downloading, many buyers have resorted to using iTunes to purchase their music. The RIAA has already sued sites which provide illegal music downloading such as Napster, Kazaa,and Gnutella.

According to the RIAA, American record companies lose $300 million to pirated music each year. If caught illegally downloading music, downloaders can be fined between $750 and $150,000 if the infringement was willful. However, there are alternative sites for music downloading which are cheaper and most importantly-legal.

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