Lack of transportation difficult for Somalis

On a hot Tuesday afternoon, Bahjo Mahamud packed her lunch and left her family’s Eden Prairie apartment to begin her daily 30-minute walk to work at the local Target store.


Students pay high price to park at school

Every year Louis Boney wrote the dreaded check so he could park his Hummer in the Eden Prairie High School parking lot. The payment line: $300.

He’s not alone in paying this much in parking permit cost. Even with parking costs and rising gas prices, students are still choosing to drive to school.

“I think kids are driving to school because of peer pressure and because they think it’s the cool thing to do,” said Jan Holmes of the support staff at Eden Prairie High School.

Gas prices up, teen fun down

{{“Gas prices up, teen fun down”}} by Maggie Clemensen, Northwestern High School, Mellette, South Dakota

Never too young to be homeless

{{“Never too young to be homeless”}} by Aimee Cote, Buffalo High School

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