Coming in last

Her parents never put her needs ahead of their own. One Twin Cities teen vows never to make the same mistake with her future children.

A teen crosses her fingers behind her back as she lies to a parent.

Generation gap

Screaming, lying and mistrust are common mistakes in teen-parent relations.

Teens least likely to be adopted

Allen, 13, of Minneapolis, loves old rock and roll and his new family. But not all teens waiting to be adopted are so lucky. Of the 598 minors adopted in 2010, 88 percent of them were younger than age 12.

Hmong shaman ceremony

Hmong preteen next in line to become shaman

Kamolchai Hang, 12, of St. Paul, could become the next shaman in his Hmong family, continuing a religious tradition of more than 1,000 years.

Moving to Minnesota: Immigrants tell their stories

Stories can transform the past from words in a book into the light in an old man’s face and the longing in an immigrant’s voice.

Lina Marulanda

Staying for my son

I can tell that this country has better opportunities for my son. Better resources for education and different things. So I think now I’m sacrificing for him. And I am happy with that.

Shamso Hashi

Success is achievable

My name is Shamso Ali Hashi. I grew up in a small city outside Mogadishu. I finished high school there. I got married young and had 11 children in total. Six passed away and five are alive.

Kao Kalia Yang

Nowhere on the map of the world

I’m Hmong, and you cannot find Hmong on the map of the world. There is no country that is mine. So I link myself up to the people who love me, who no matter where we were, carved out a place to belong for me.

Junchi Vang

Carrying on the culture

I was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. My 13 siblings and Mom and Dad all traveled here together when I was 13. I just graduated from Robbinsdale Armstrong High School and started my first year of college at the University of Minnesota this fall.

Your Turn graphic

A friend indeed: YourTurn contest winners say peer pressure can be positive

Support from friends, family and music helped YourTurn winners do the right thing.

Tiger cub playing grand piano

Tales of a tiger cub

A new book by a Chinese-American mother about her “extreme” parenting — threatening to burn stuffed animals of a daughter who doesn’t want to practice piano and rejecting hand-made birthday cards because they weren’t good enough — caused a storm of controversy. Lisa Fan, daughter of first-generation Chinese immigrant parents with high expectations, reacts to “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.”

Dymanh Chhoun

Not an academic superstar? College still an option

Dymanh Chhoun wasn’t an academic superstar in high school, and he also didn’t borrow a lot of money for college, but he’ll accomplish his dream this spring of graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Minnesota.

Why teens give up on college

A teen gives up on college

A comic strip by Anna LaFavor sketches the moment a teen can lose hope of going to college.

Is college worth it?

In 2010, in the middle of the Great Recession, when many college grads were selling shoes or delivering pizza,
some people asked: Is college worth it?

Emily Samano

Paying for college – my parents helped

My parents agreed to pay for four years of my college. They did not want me to be in debt after college.

Christmas used to involve less presents

Christmas had less presents, same amount of love

When 81-year-old Jim Burns was celebrating Christmas as a kid, it was the only time of year he received a present.

Pa Houa Thao poses with her mother

Hmong daughter and mother struggle to understand each other's different cultures

My mom stayed home and learned that, as a Hmong daughter, you are to keep the house clean and practice cooking to become a wife. So my mom has no clue what an after-school club is, what you do there, and why I like be there.

Norma Jimenez

When a parent has cancer, it attacks the whole family

When Norma Jimenez’s mother was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for the second time, Norma realized that a life can end at any moment.

Your Turn second runner-up: Stephanie Revering -- "Mentos: the Fightmaker"

I was a child who would not take “No” for an answer. So when my sister told me that I wasn’t allowed in her room and I definitely could never have one of her beloved Mentos on account of how often I asked her for one, I didn’t accept this.

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