Winter biking in Minnesota leads to crazy adventures, plenty of frozen toes

If you think 20 degrees is balmy, you know you’re from Minnesota. If you think that’s a good temperature for a bike ride, you know you’re crazy.

Friendships formed at Circus Juventas endure across oceans

There’s no clownin’ around here. Circus Juventas in St. Paul teaches teens valuable performance skills and relationship building.

Game on! Students can power up design skills for successful video game careers

Stephen Dinehart has always been a gamer and comic book lover. When he was 10 years old, he bought the original Nintendo Entertainment System for $110 after a year of saving his money.

Restaurant review: Citizen Café

Once the sun sets, the candles come out at Citizen Café in South Minneapolis. The lights dim, creating a very romantic setting; it would be perfect for couples on Valentine’s Day.

Big Lake High School junior Stephanie Abfalter recites a poem

National poetry contest fills arts void at small schools with tight budgets

When Laura Meyer, an English teacher at Big Lake High School, heard about the national Poetry Out Loud competition, she jumped on the opportunity to offer students an artistic activity. Budget cuts had ended extracurricular activities like speech, debate, and theater at her school northwest of the Twin Cities.

Ryan Liestman plays piano in South America

Jonas Bros’ piano player shares secrets of his success

Many teens have a desire to be a rock-star: The fame, the screaming fans, and the tight leather pants are just some of the pluses that come with the rock-star dream.

Help us paint a digital portrait of MN teens

Teens are more than possible risk factors and test scores. In an effort to create a well-rounded picture of Minnesota teens today – what they think about, hope for, and how they communicate – ThreeSixty Journalism and the Minnesota Historical Society are calling teens to fill out an online survey.

Chasten Harmon, as Éponine, in the Orpheum Theatre's Les Miserables

Review: "High School Musical" can't compete with Les Misérables

While waiting in line for the bathroom during the intermission of Les Misérables at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, I overheard a little girl complaining that the musical wasn’t as good as “High School Musical” or “Grease,” and she was right. It was better, much better.

Brave New Workshop Student Union Youth Performance Team

Laughs for free

Love comedy but hate spending money? Check out teen comedians at free Brave New Workshop performances.

Vang Thao

Who is Steve Jobs?

When I was approached about blogging about Steve Jobs’ death, I had to admit, I didn’t know who he was! Although I was sad to hear about his death, I didn’t know anything about him. What was his career? What impact did he make during his life? How did his death affect people? I even had to go on Wikipedia to figure out who he was. After finding out who he was, I felt guilty. Because it turns out, Steve Jobs had a big impact on my life that I didn’t even know about.

Ryan McCartan is a national award-winning actor

Despite fan club, award-winning teen actor remains humble

The 18-year-old Ryan McCartan spent his summer training in Germany, rubbing elbows with musical theater legends, and performed at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C.

Reclamation exhibit at Franconia Sculpture Park

Sculpture garden for scamps

Ever had the urge to touch artwork at a museum? Well, here’s a place for you rule breakers who always get hassled by museum security officers — Franconia Sculpture Park, located 45 minutes northeast of the Twin Cities in Chisago Country.

Movie review: Water for Elephants

Set in a world torn by the Great Depression this movie beautifully captures the rapid, whirlwind life in a traveling circus.

What is the best video game console?

If you won one million dollars, what would do you with the money?

Do you think the law on owning guns should be changed to prevent events like the shooting in Tucson, AZ from happening?

What is the most fun thing to do in the snow?

How much are you spending on presents for your significant other and friends this holiday season?

Max of $5 per person
Max of $15 per person
Max of $25 per person
Max of $50 per person
I have no limit
I'm not buying presents this year
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