Yes, I'm in special education. Does it matter?

What does it mean to be a special education student? One teen writer explores the embarrassment of being labelled.

Friendships formed at Circus Juventas endure across oceans

There’s no clownin’ around here. Circus Juventas in St. Paul teaches teens valuable performance skills and relationship building.

Truth and consequences: Struggling with the model minority myth

The pressure to be smart and docile can be too much for Asian Americans, as Diana Lu has discovered during her high school years.

Brave new world: Studying abroad provides unique learning opportunities

Scott Carpenter did some studying during a five-month spring semester in Queenstown, New Zealand. Just not in an environment most American college students are used to.

Special education students rely on strong support system to overcome daily challenges

Unable to walk on his own, Kenny Knutson relies on his parents to move him around the house in a wheelchair.

Students take a bite out of new, healthier school lunchroom regulations

On first look during the new school year, it wouldn’t seem much has changed at Central High School in St. Paul.

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