ThreeSixty's September 2013 Print Magazine

If you’re going to spend several weeks of summer batting around story ideas inside a classroom, it better be about something teenagers know. And teenagers definitely know about technology.

With features topics ranging from music piracy and viral empowerment to heady discussions about reputation management, online permanence and the digital divide in schools, ThreeSixty’s June and July journalism campers deliver the details about a plugged-in world that’s becoming less private—yet more connected—with every new Tweet or text.

Also in this issue, our summer interns Amolak Singh and Dami Gilbert hunt for college scholarships with help from NFL Hall of Famer-turned-judge Alan Page, Minnesota Lynx star Seimone Augustus chats with us about life @16, and two of our July campers reveal their innermost performance anxieties—perfectly fitting for the publication of their first personal essays.

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Letter from the editor: Summer's done, bring on the new fall editorial board

How did ThreeSixty spend its summer? Let us count the ways.


Loneliest place on earth? Yep, welcome to the friend zone

She likes him. He likes her. But when one of them wants to take it to the next level, out comes the dreaded “friend card.”

Wallin Education Partners provides big boost to low-income students

In college, you’re on your own. Navigating the way is hard for anyone, but can be especially difficult for first-generation students.

Through his scholarship foundation, Alan Page helps to create new heroes

When a former Minnesota Vikings star says he’s in the business of “creating heroes,” the mind easily wanders to strength training, drill running and other avenues of physical betterment.

Looking for scholarship resources? Check out these helpful links

Here are some helpful websites that can get you on the fast track to finding financial aid for college.

@16: All eyes have been on Minnesota Lynx star Seimone Augustus from an early age

WNBA Finals MVP. Olympic Gold Medalist. What does the Minnesota Lynx star have left to accomplish? Talking with us, of course!

Someone is always watching: Police use social media as a tool for investigations

When T.J. Neely came home to Minneapolis from prison recently, he shut down his Facebook page. All of his friends and connections deactivated.

Protect your rep: What you post online can influence your professional future

Most teens know the main rule for protecting themselves on the Internet: “Don’t post anything your parents wouldn’t like.” But is that really reality?

Tag, you're (not) it: Basic etiquette often an afterthought when posting to Facebook

You wouldn’t display your best friend’s picture on a billboard if it were embarrassing, would you?

Facebook logo

Teens tune out Facebook while turning to other social media sites

Teens are waking up to the fact that their Facebook friends aren’t necessarily their real friends. In fact, those online acquaintances can be bullies, braggarts and worth tuning out.

Artistic empowerment finds a voice on Kickstarter, YouTube

For some, the beauty of technology is that you never have to leave your bedroom. As Ka Lia Yang demonstrates, music can have a wide-reaching impact, all thanks to YouTube.

Digital dilemma: Weighing the artistic and commercial ramifications of music piracy

Music pirates don’t always consider the consequences of illegal music downloads. That moral quandary, coupled with business considerations, can create quite a bit of controversy.

Breaking into the boys club: Women encouraged to pursue gaming, tech careers

When Warwick the Blood Hunter is dominating you in an intense match of “League of Legends,” you may never consider that the person behind the computer screen is wearing a skirt.

Technology 'time suck': Putting down devices is hard, but some are trying to find balance

Ever try to talk to a friend or family member, but they’re too busy with their nose in a text of Tweet? Yep, join the club.

Buzzworthy brands: What latest social media trend is worth paying attention to?

Vine. Tumblr. Snapchat. There’s always something new in the social media realm to go crazy about. But what’s really worth your attention and time?

Reading the fineprint determines your online advertising profile

Advertisers on the Internet aren’t telepathic, but they still know what you’re thinking. And believe it or not, you’re the one who helps them, just by starting a Gmail account. or liking a company on Facebook.

Digital permanence: What goes on the Internet stays on the Internet

When you’re 16, you feel invincible, maybe even confident you’ll live forever. However, what you post online today will be forever. Even when you’re dead, your photos, videos and blogs can still be visible to others.

iPad infusion: Cretin-Derham Hall joins exciting classroom technology wave

When the iPad presented itself as a new classroom learning tool, Cretin-Derham Hall began exploring the steps to make it happen.

Digital divide: External resources needed to help teens with technology needs

For those who live in poverty or near it, digital education can take a backseat to more pressing economic concerns.

Keys for comfort: Teen pianist begins playing for right reasons

Danielle Wong’s relationship with her piano hasn’t always been harmonious. Then she started playing for herself.

Struggle with anxiety puts future plans into focus

It’s only (gulp) high school, right? For Mina Yuan, being prepared means being perfect — which can be a tough reality to grapple with.

Getting technical: Teens sharpen skills at Genesys Works' summer training program

While some teens spent summer sleeping in or tanning at the lake, 200 students got ready for the real world thanks to Genesys Works.