Behind the scenes: Interviewing Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak

Mayor R.T. Rybak re-tweeted us.

Yep, we’ve officially arrived.

During a busy week that saw the Mayor of Minneapolis meet with President Barack Obama and NBA Commissioner David Stern, Mr. Rybak also gave ThreeSixty a half hour of his time last Thursday for a feature to run in March.

As part of our new @16 series, we’re putting teens in the same room as some of the Twin Cities’ biggest newsmakers and difference makers. So far, we’ve been able to confirm that an up-and-down (and of course, drama-filled) teen experience is fairly universal.

In our interview, teen reporter Maya Shelton-Davies also learned that the Mayor was a lot like Max Fischer from the movie “Rushmore” (great pop culture reference, R.T.), wanted to hold the top Minneapolis job from a very early age, and holds enough sway to change the name of his favorite ice cream flavor at Sebastian Joe’s (hence the re-tweet inside joke).

One of my favorite moments was when he shared a story about his social media proficiency.

“When I first went on social media, my kids were really upset. When I started my Facebook, my son and daughter said, ‘Dad, don’t do this. You will have no friends.’ So when I had 100 friends on Facebook, I was bragging. They kind of rolled their eyes. When I had 300, I came back and they still rolled their eyes. When I got 500 friends, their eyebrows raised a little bit.

“When I hit the 5,000 friend mark a number of years ago, which maxes you out on Facebook, I just shoved it in my kids’ faces. But they reminded me, ‘Dad, they’re not all your friends, OK?’”

Great work, Maya! Look for our @16 sit-down with Mayor Rybak in March’s issue.

— Thomas Rozwadowski, ThreeSixty editor