Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThreeSixty Journalism?

ThreeSixty Journalism, a nonprofit program in the College of Arts and Science at the University of St. Thomas, uses the principles of strong writing and reporting to help diverse Minnesota youth tell the stories of their lives and communities. We’re supported by major television, newspaper and radio organizations in the Twin Cities.

ThreeSixty primarily trains students (eighth grade through high school) in our Intermediate and Intro to Journalism summer camps, all with the goal of publishing their work in our quarterly print magazine, on this website and throughout the social media landscape. We also deliver the ProtectMyRep social media tutorial to schools and community groups.

Ultimately, we bring diverse voices into communication fields and related professions by using intense, personal instruction in the practice and principles of journalism. We take great pride in strengthening the civic literacy, writing skills and college-readiness of Minnesota teens.

Where are we located?

We are located at the University of St. Thomas campus in St. Paul. Our office is in the lower level of the O’Shaughnessy Education Center, next to TommieMedia, St. Thomas’ student media organization.

Our mailing address:

ThreeSixty Journalism
2115 Summit Ave
Mail 5057
St. Paul, MN 55105

Why is journalism important?

Smart, fair, independent journalism is essential for a democracy to function well.

“The primary purpose of journalism is to provide citizens with the information they need to be free and self-governing,” write journalists Tom Rosenstiel and Bill Kovach.

By reporting what government, businesses and other powerful institutions do, journalists give citizens information they need to decide everything from which school to attend to whom they should vote for.

Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “The basis of our government being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

Learning about journalism also gives teens a chance to build important skills like researching, writing, interviewing and thinking critically. They learn about their community and themselves. When their work is published, their voices are heard by the whole community.

How do I join ThreeSixty?

There are a variety of opportunities for teens to be part of ThreeSixty. Students who lack previous experience in journalism can learn and practice the basics in our July Intro to Journalism Camp. More experienced students can join the editorial board or apply for the June Intermediate camp. Submissions of story ideas, reviews, essays and articles are always welcome.

Click here for more extensive information about our programming opportunities.

How much does it cost to be part of your program?

Except for our summer camps, all ThreeSixty programs are FREE to qualified and committed students.

Tuition for the two-week residential Intermediate Camp is $900; our three-week Intro to Journalism Camp is $200. Camps are free to students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunch at their schools. Students who don’t qualify for lunch subsidies but have financial need are encouraged to request financial aid. The letter should include income, family size, the size of scholarship needed and any special circumstances.

Students also get paid for any published work in our print magazine.

Do you provide transportation?

For those who need assistance getting to our programs, we provide bus passes to use the Metro Transit bus/light rail system. Please contact us at

If my work is published, do I get paid?

Reporters are compensated for their articles, with higher rates for added commitment. Senior reporters have reached the highest level at ThreeSixty, with students promoted to our top tier after contributing on our editorial board. Regular editorial board members meet one Saturday a month to pitch and assign stories during the school year. Contributors write stories when available.

We pay the following prices, unless otherwise noted:

  • $60 reported stories, senior reporters
  • $40 reported stories, editorial board members
  • $25 reported stories, contributors
  • $30 exceptional essays, all reporters
  • $25 essays, editorial board members
  • $15 essays, contributors
  • $15 per photo
  • $20 individual artwork
  • $40 cover artwork
How can I participate if I am not part of your program?

Please check out our main informational page to learn about programming opportunities and how you can get involved. If you cannot commit to any of our programs but would still like to write or submit artwork, e-mail to serve as a contributor. Students get paid for all published work.

How can I volunteer with ThreeSixty?

Please see the options on our main volunteer page. We love working with eager professionals who want to devote their time to shaping young writers and thinkers.

How can I donate to ThreeSixty?

Please find out more about supporting ThreeSixty here.