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It didn’t matter that some couldn’t even vote yet. Young voices helped shape this year’s historic political battle to pass same sex marriage legislation in Minnesota by phone banking, door knocking, and perhaps most important of all, talking about their families.

ThreeSixty reporter Elena Renken spoke with teens and same sex parents about the impact of marriage equality on their past, present and future, and further examined the political and personal ramifications with the man who orchestrated the Minnesota ground game for same sex advocates, Richard Carlbom. Yet as the celebrations continue, St. Thomas student Tyanna Dickerson reflects on her own beliefs—and how dedicating herself to religion may have changed her vote, but (hopefully) not her friendships.

Marriage also highlights this month’s YourTurn essay contest, where four Twin Cities’ students ruminated about their futures — some with visions of wedding rings and festive cake toppers, others not so much. And of course, it wouldn’t be a ThreeSixty publication without wide-ranging reported stories. Among the topics pitched by our teen writers: sleep deprivation (Danielle Wong), the intersection of athletics and academics (Amolak Singh, Brianna Skildum), fanfiction and copyright law (Mina Yuan, Gabie Yang), life in JROTC (Thomas Wrede), college admissions (Dami Gilbert) and an @16 sitdown with Twin Cities musician Jeremy Messersmith (Simone Cazares). Our roll call of personal essays also captures the unique teen perspective, whether about struggles with religion (Madie Ley), self-loathing and acceptance (Shay Radhakrishnan) or life on the east side of St. Paul (Nichelle Heu).

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Letter from the editor: Teen writers, this is your chance to take control

Own your story. Own your voice.


My life in east St. Paul: What you learn here shapes who you are, how to get out

“Trust none.” It might not be an original motto only said in east St. Paul, but it’s one that several teenagers swear by on this side of town.

Student voices: What does living in east St. Paul mean to you?

We asked several members of the student council at Johnson High School to share snapshots of their life so readers could see the neighborhood they know and appreciate—through their eyes.

Faith in a box: Conflicted feelings confirm a new approach to religious identity

At the moment she should have been forging an important bond with Catholicism, a once-proud “Jesus Freak” began examining her faith.

In a galaxy (not so) far away, females face an unfair nerd backlash

Isn’t it a wonder, (nerd) women? Nerd culture shouldn’t be defined by gender boundaries, but it’s becoming more and more evident that females aren’t allowed to pursue their quirky passions like men.

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@16: On the cusp of stardom, local favorite Jeremy Messersmith keeps it minimal

Whether he’s playing the main stage at First Avenue or signing a deal with Glassnote Records, Jeremy Messersmith has made his mark in the Twin Cities. But he hasn’t let success go to his head.

Give yourself a break, teens: Look in the mirror to see your own worst critic

There’s nothing to romanticize about depression or self-hatred. But how can you pull yourself out of the mental gutter and embrace the real you?

(Almost) anything goes in ever-popular fanfiction universe

Anything can happen with fanfiction. And that’s the way readers like it. But what would J.K. Rowling have to say about a pregnant Harry Potter? Hmmm …

No rest for the bleary: Underestimating sleep could lead to dangerous health effects

With sports and speech team piled on top of rigorous Advanced Placement and Honors classes, Rachel Schmidt’s crazy schedule doesn’t allow much room for sleep.


YourTurn winners: What does marriage mean to you?

ThreeSixty asked for your thoughts on marriage as an institution and the relationships you’ve witnessed that have framed those opinions


Personal pride: Teens, same-sex parents reflect on historic fight for marriage equality

It didn’t matter that some couldn’t even vote yet. Young voices helped shape this year’s historic political battle to pass same sex marriage legislation in Minnesota.

Secret's out: Q&A with Richard Carlbom of Freedom to Marry

When Richard Carlbom gets married this month, it’ll be the culmination of everything he’s worked for in Minnesota.

Test of faith: Shift in beliefs led to affirmative yes vote for marriage amendment

As the same-sex marriage celebrations continue, one St. Thomas student reflects on her own beliefs—and how dedicating herself to religion may have changed her vote, but (hopefully) not her friendships.

College crisis? Experts remind teens to enjoy the process

It should be one of the best times in your life. Yet the agony of applying to college—and, of course, waiting to get in—can be difficult to navigate without help.

Something to prove: Achieving the IB diploma goes beyond a simple piece of paper

As one Harding High School student has come to learn, life with strict IB diploma requirements has a way of ruining plans. Is it worth it?

Balancing athletic, academic challenges: Q&A with former NBA player Trent Tucker

Almost 25 years after he left the University of Minnesota as a 1982 first round pick of the NBA’s New York Knicks, a nervous Trent Tucker re-entered the college classroom.

The game within the game: Media scrutiny, scholarships can muddy prep sports mission

As high school athletes are becoming an increasingly popular media species, are prep sports still played the way they should be played?

Calling a timeout: How much is too much when it comes to our sports obsessions?

Do we love sports TOO much? A fellow sports fan examines his priorities, and those of society, as the attention we pay athletes continues to grow and grow.

Learning to lead: JROTC goes beyond military misconceptions

Contrary to popular belief, signing up for JROTC doesn’t mean a required stint serving the country. But the same military lessons can have a huge impact on teens.

Language barrier: 'R-word' campaign hopes to change hearts and minds

Sticks and stones, right? Not so much with the “R-word,” which has speared an education initiative to help promote inclusivity for the developmentally disabled.

Fresh, fast and for students: La Fresca targets teens at nearby Washburn High

When he was only 13, Hector Ruiz left the comfort of Morelos, Mexico for something unfamiliar. Now with his third restaurant, he’s inching closer to a fully realized American dream.

Buggin' out: Insect world continues to amaze University of Minnesota entomologist

Meet entomologist Leonard Ferrington in our first installment of “The Way I Work,” a regular ThreeSixty feature aimed at providing insight into unique and interesting career fields.