ThreeSixty Journalism's May 2013 Print Magazine

The school year may be wrapping up, but our students didn’t put the brakes on producing awesome content for our last issue of this cycle! There are plenty of profound personal essays that will likely provoke your own reflection. You’ll also find reported pieces that focus on significant local topics. The May 2013 issue is not one to miss!

School safety has evolved dramatically in recent years. From the small, rural community of Jordan to suburban and inner-city schools, several teen reporters have the scoop on what institutions are doing to keep students safe across the state. Also, bothered by a recent series of Twin Cities’ women allegedly killed by their husbands or boyfriends, one of our teen reporters wrote about domestic violence warning signs and how teens can break the cycle of abuse.

You’ll also get to meet awesome locals, like the Minnesota Twins curator Clyde Doepner, lead singer of Bomba De Luz Lydia Hoglund, and Northside Achievement Zone president and CEO Sondra Samuels. Our spring NewsTeam students also give you an exclusive look at the new Teen Tech Center at the Minneapolis Central Library. Trust us —you’re going to want to do some exploring there once you read about it!

Also in this issue: a feature on the Minnesota United soccer team, personal essays about social media, teen employment and the personal cost of prison phone calls.

And with that, dive right in! The full PDF of the issue is below and you can find print copies at several libraries, schools and youth organizations across the state. Let us know what you think about it! We’re always happy to hear feedback.

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Washburn students get their say, but not without the need for deeper reflection

A personnel issue at Washburn High School left students befuddled. So with the help of social media, they decided to act.

(Anti) social media: Teens might 'live' on Facebook and Twitter, but thinking is still required

Think Facebook and Twitter is all fun and games? The Steubenville rape case puts teens under the social media microscope.

The journey is the reward for one Hamline University commuter student

It’s one thing to live on campus. It’s another to drive to campus. It’s a completely different experience to take an estimated hour-and-a-half bus trip to campus every day.

The end of high school means a new college beginning

Hey, where did those four years of high school go? Ibad Jafri looks back on memorable steps and missteps taken along the way.

The new normal: The threat of violence weighs heavy on the minds of school and safety officials

From mass media to local blogs to the Capitol rotunda, events like the Sandy Hook tragedy have left an indelible mark on our collective psyche. What is happening inside Twin Cities schools to ensure that students are as safe as possible?

Tired of waiting for answers, Jordan’s police chief finds his own school safety solution

Post-Sandy Hook, the quiet city of Jordan decided its own unique, perhaps unprecedented, approach was worth pursuing. That meant moving the police chief into the high school, full-time.

Know the rules, know your school: Inside and out, schools require attentive eyes and ears

How can school officials make sure they’re monitoring every place students might gather? They can’t, but knowing where students like to cluster can be a huge help to time-strapped principals like Michael Bradley of Roosevelt High School.

Peer-to-peer positivity: Counselors can help, but the real difference makers are students

As counseling resources continue to dwindle, the need for mental health outreach falls on students. Not in a cumbersome way, but in a way they can relate best to their peers — through everyday compassion.

The struggle to get help: 'Some of us can't do everything ourselves ...'

“Taking care of yourself can have a lot of stigma, but it’s an important thing to do,” writes Tatum Anderson. She also has a few solutions for how others can help her along the way.

The cool corner: Teen Tech Center plugs into 21st century

Looking for a place to record music or experiment with Photoshop? Take a peek inside the Minneapolis Central Library’s flashy new Teen Tech Center.

YourTurn winners: Tell us about your neighborhood

We asked readers to share with us the good and bad parts of their MInnesota neighborhoods. As expected, your honesty made these essays truly shine.

@16: Sondra Samuels' tough past guides her promising future

The head of Northside Achievement Zone reflects on her journey from underestimated teen to powerhouse social activist.

Signs of domestic violence aren't always obvious, especially in teen relationships

A disturbing trend for domestic violence in the Twin Cities has claimed the lives of several young women. What should teens know about the warning signs in the same kind of unhealthy relationships?

Feeling disconnected: Phone calls take on new meaning for the Bowie family

A jail sentence for her father gave Anika Bowie a new appreciation for phone communication — and the price prisoners pay to keep it.

From collector to curator: No one loves Twins history more than Clyde Doepner

No one knows more about Minnesota Twins history than Clyde Doepner. And he has the Target Field title to prove it.

United in their goal: Soccer gets a new identity in the Twin Cities

With a new name, logo and owner, the Minnesota United soccer team is ready to kick up the local sports scene a notch.

The accolades are just beginning for Lydia Hoglund

On more than one occasion, Lydia Hoglund exclaims, “Things are so crazy right now!” That’s a good thing for the in-demand lead singer of Bomba De Luz.

Sweet rewards: A job scooping ice cream taught one time-strapped teen valuable lessons

Thinking about a part-time job this summer? Veteran Izzy’s scooper/shift manager Simeon Lancaster has some helpful advice.