ThreeSixty Journalism's March 2013 print magazine

What’s the state of marijuana legalization in Minnesota? And what are teen attitudes toward the drug? How does living with a terminal form of cancer change a 17-year-old’s perspective on life? And is age just a number when it comes to youth dating? A whole lotta questions with a whole lotta answers can be found in our March 2013 issue.

Our cover story on marijuana focuses on a hot-button topic making the democratic rounds: Simeon Lancaster delves into the lives of past and present teen users, while Mary Meehan explores Minnesota’s future legislative action. Lakeland teen and YouTube sensation Zach Sobiech opens up to Simone Cazares about his battle with a rare form of cancer, while Calista Dunbar discusses the trends and risks involved with age gap dating.

Also in this issue: An exploratory package demonstrating the differences in Taiwanese, Nigerian and American education, as told by students who have been immersed in each. Several dynamic personal essays focus on concepts of self-esteem, video game violence and the correlation between cultural and personal identity. Local celebrities sprinkled throughout the issue include Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, indie band Clout Cult, artist Ta-Coumba Aiken and high school basketball sensation Rashad Vaughn.

Are you ready for all of that?! Pick up a print copy in several high schools, libraries and youth organizations across the state. Or, hey, look! The full PDF version is just a click of the mouse away. Enjoy!

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Letter from the editor: Getting to know the Twin Cities, one story at a time

Though I’ve only been in the Twin Cities since September, Johnny Cash’s “I‘ve Been Everywhere” officially serves as the theme song for March’s issue.

Even with Mother Nature’s icy grip paralyzing m

Reader response: Special needs essay causes one writer to look at own challenges

We write, you react: A dig into the mailbag reveals one teen writer’s struggles with the special needs label.

photo still from black ops

Virtual violence can have real world consequences, but it’s still just a game

A rabid gamer contemplates the effects of virtual violence after the Newtown school massacre.

Lifetime of scars: Battling bullies, image issues takes emotional toll

It’s the first day of kindergarten and my mom is ready to take a photo of me standing outside Cedar Island Elementary in Maple Grove.

It's time to put an end to offensive Native American mascot names

Growing up as a Native American, I didn’t care about the respect others had for my heritage. But as I’ve gotten a bit older, I realize how little respect is present.

children studying

Exploring education differences: Life inside a Taiwanese school

There’s an old Chinese saying taught to schoolchildren about how they should always show respect for three kinds of people: Parents, teachers and the Emperor.

school buildings

Exploring education differences: Life inside a Nigerian school

Education is valued in Nigeria, which ThreeSixty writer Dami Gilbert appreciates. But she’ll take the flexibility and comfort of U.S. schools over strict discipline every time.


Exploring education differences: Life inside Avalon School

It’s a small place, down off University Avenue in St. Paul. The building is a converted warehouse full of all the kids who refuse to fit in anywhere else.

YourTurn winners: Advice for President Obama's second term

Check your inbox, President Obama. You’ve got mail from our contest winners.

@16: Mayor R.T. Rybak talks teen years, social media and his 'dream job'

R.T. Rybak can’t imagine living anywhere but Minneapolis.

For him, there’s nothing better than looking out the window and marveling at the falling Minnesota snow. Yet as mayor of Minnesota’s largest city, he always has to wonder how the plows are doing.

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Cancer to 'Clouds': With guitar in hand, Zach Sobiech faces the unimaginable

Zach Sobiech doesn’t have to go to school. But he wakes up early every morning and sits in class anyway.

When the smoke clears: What are teen attitudes about marijuana use?

Marijuana doesn’t get the full court press like alcohol or tobacco. So what do teens think about pro-pot legislation and recent studies that show an intelligence drop-off from frequent usage?

When the smoke clears: Could marijuana legislation arrive on Minnesota's doorstep?

With votes considered unthinkable a decade ago, residents of Colorado and Washington are free to breathe in new freedoms thanks to the legalization of marijuana last November — a first in the U.S.

Bridging the age gap: Older guy + younger girl = trouble, right?

Having a partner who is much older or younger has become somewhat trendy among young adults. But are there greater risks to consider with a large age gap between partners?

miami beach sign

When it comes to growing up, what happens in Miami should stay in Miami

A move to Minnesota meant ThreeSixty writer Simone Cazares could grow up at a slower pace. That’s a good thing.

puerto rican flag

Search for perfect last name leads to greater discovery

As ThreeSixty writer Freddy McConnell found out, embracing your heritage doesn’t have to mean poaching the “perfect” last name.

Winter biking in Minnesota leads to crazy adventures, plenty of frozen toes

If you think 20 degrees is balmy, you know you’re from Minnesota. If you think that’s a good temperature for a bike ride, you know you’re crazy.

Whole lotta 'Love': Cloud Cult returns with new album, same creative ambitions

Cloud Cult’s mission has long transcended musicology. With a new album, “Love,” on the way, the Minneapolis band continues to push creative limits.

The A-ha! artist: It’s been quite an inspirational journey for Ta-Coumba Aiken

Anyone familiar with the Twin Cities art scene has likely come across the name Ta-Coumba Aiken.

Meet Mr. Showtime: Cooper standout Rashad Vaughn balances basketball, pressure

Rashad Vaughn isn’t your average 16-year-old. In fact, Vaughn, a junior at Robbinsdale Cooper High School, has received so many scholarship offers, he’s stopped opening his mail.