Summer 2017 Student Blogs

Our summer journalism campers are writing blog entries real-time as they go through camp. Check back often for the latest entries.

Day Four: Diving In . . .

So far, my experience at the camp has been awesome. The food is great, like always. My college essay writing has changed from day one.

Day Three: Amazing and Talented

I remember when I was at the job fair searching for a job my mom and I came across this booth called ThreeSixty Journalism camp.

Day Two: Soul Searching

Should I worry or will I be fine?

Day One: That Special Feeling

“I won’t make it to ThreeSixty Journalism on Thursday, because I’m planning on doing my license test on that day,” was a text that I was supposed to be sending after I atten

Days Nine and Ten: Gratitude

My College Possible coach pushed me into joining ThreeSixty. When I heard that it would be a journalism camp, I immediately assumed that it would be boring and slow, but that was not the case.

Day Eight: Ideas, Voice, Teamwork

On the first day of camp, I got lost while taking the Metro Transit to the University of St. Thomas.

Day Seven: Powerful and Amazing

Before arriving to camp last week, I expected to be bored out of my mind. I dreaded the thought of commuting back and forth to camp, and even contemplated on quitting before trying it out.

Day Six: Crazy Impactful

We just finished our first week of ThreeSixty! I’m surprised how fast time goes. When we arrived last week, I was extremely nervous and I only knew two people who are attending this camp.

Day Five: Learning Is Delicious

I can’t believe I just finished a college essay! I’m thankful for ThreeSixty’s help.

Day Four: Fabulous!

These last four days have gotten more and more exciting.

Day Three: . . . And Much More!

I’m Keleenah Yang, a 16-year-old Hmong girl attending ThreeSixty Journalism’s summer camp.

Day Two: Settling In

These past couple have days have been pretty engaging for me.

Day One: In the Beginning

As a reserved person by nature, it is hard for me to start and continue conversations with others. This is doubly true when concerning talking with strangers.