ThreeSixty Magazine, March 2014

It began with a simple story pitch. “I want to write about low-key racism in schools,” ThreeSixty writer Amira Warren-Yearby proposed at our first fall editorial board meeting. Our response: Tell us more. That got the ball rolling for several students to weigh in on race-related topics—everything from judgments about listening to “white rock music” as a Somali girl, or feeling inadequate about an authentic “black identity” because of pervasive stereotypes, to mounting frustration over the “little boxes” that peers and adults force us in because of skin color, speech patterns, hairstyles, religious preferences—you name it. On Martin Luther King Day, ThreeSixty students took it one step further by crafting their own “microaggression” signs for a "photo": and "video": display that we’re proud to unveil online and in print. Our goal with this collection of stories and visuals is simple: Let’s learn from each other. Or as ThreeSixty writer Amolak Singh advised when asked how someone should ask about the turban he wears because of his Sikhism: “Just be polite. Watch your tone, that’s all.” Sounds like an easy place to start, right? Also in this issue: Well-crafted features on animal therapy (Mina Yuan), exchange students (Ellie Colbert, Hannah Gordon and Ninis Widyaningrum), thrift shopping (Kimberly Martinez) and the Cedar Cultural Center (Madie Ley), along with thoughtful reflections on adoption (Lana Rubinstein), North Minneapolis prostitution (Maya Shelton-Davies) and tattoos for teenagers (Nichelle Heu). We've even added a delicious dollop of chocolate from Patisserie 46 (Maya Shelton-Davies) courtesy of our latest work profile. Be sure to check out all the great content or download the full PDF below! Teachers, to subscribe to our print magazine, send an e-mail with your information to Maximum amount is 60 copies.

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Creatures of comfort: Animal therapy bonds lead to life changing rewards

C’mon, who can resist a cuddly dog’s wagging tail? Yet while animal therapy bonds can prove life-changing, the approval process isn’t as simple as begging for treats.

Telling stories: Northside Women's Space opens its doors to victims of prostitution

What is empathy? In the case of Northside Women’s Space at Kwanzaa Community Church in Minneapolis, it’s about opening doors to victims of prostitution—and getting the public to understand their plight.


Think before you ink: Tattoos might be everywhere—but Minnesota requires teens to wait

From Justin Bieber to LeBron James, tattoos seem to be everywhere in popular culture. But Minnesota law requires teens to wait. So, what’s the right age to get one?

Home away from home: Exchange students experience highs and lows overseas

Culture shock is inevitable for students who travel overseas during the school year. Whether coming to America or heading to Spain and Sweden, the challenges are often unexpected, yet perhaps pleasantly surprising.

A dream realized: An exchange student’s arrival in America opens eyes, hearts

Riding a big yellow school bus felt like a piece of the American dream to one exchange student. Yet despite the new experiences, life overseas can pose challenges.


Coloring outside the script lines: Are audiences able to look beyond race for acting roles?

Can Santa Claus be black? Does Cinderella have to be blonde? Amira Warren-Yearby explores how race plays a role in how you view certain book, TV or movie characters.

Quick Q&A … with Siddeeqah Shabazz of Pillsbury House Theatre

What’s it like being an actor of color? Siddeeqah Shabazz, an actor and teen programs specialist at Pillsbury House Theatre in Minneapolis, talks about casting issues related to ethnicity.

@16: Brother Ali talks rap roots and racial judgments

The prolific Minneapolis-based rapper is never at a loss for words. Whether converting to Islam or discovering hip-hop, life as a teenager shaped everything Ali stands for today.

Drowning out the noise: Musical tastes don’t have to be defined by skin color

If you’re black, you must be into hip-hop and R&B. White kids love rock music. Those are the stereotypes, right? Except for one Somali girl, race and music don’t have to be defined so narrowly.

Race and identity: 'You're not black enough'

What does it mean to be “black?” Deborah Honore reflects on her Ethiopian, Congolese and African-American background, and how stereotypes craft an image of “black” that only perpetuates the negative.

Race and identity: 'You're only pretending'

If you’ve ever moved away from your childhood home, you might know what it’s like to see a familiar place yet feel like you no longer belong.

Race and identity: 'Well then, what are you?'

With help from her parents, Simone Cazares learned to embrace her multiracial heritage at an early age. But it still leads to questions — and a lot of surprise — from peers who are often only convinced by what they see on the surface.

Mixed results: The challenges of being multiracial go well beyond a checkmark

For young multiracials, identity is a lifelong conversation. Since the data can often be messy, perhaps it’s more important for mixed race people to think about themselves individually rather than categorically.

YourTurn winners: What have you learned from failure?

ThreeSixty asked for your thoughts on failure and what teens can learn from disappointing setbacks. Here’s how our essay contest winners responded.


Pieces of a puzzle: Adoption journey feels like ‘impossible scavenger hunt’

Even with a big part of her past shrouded in mystery, one teen writer finds comfort in the confusion of her adoption origin.


Style in the bargain aisle: Thrift shopping gives teens options

Big brands still hold sway among mall dwellers, but with an increasing eye on variety and affordability, thrift shopping is making a fashionable dent.

Cedar Cultural Center celebrates 25 years as a Minneapolis gem

As the Cedar Cultural Center celebrates its silver anniversary, the Minneapolis venue’s brain trust reflects on the power of live music and global awareness to build community.

Sweet science: Meet the man behind Patisserie 46’s chocolate-inspired masterpieces

Meet chocolatier Joshua Werner in our second installment of “The Way I Work,” a regular ThreeSixty feature aimed at providing insight into unique and interesting career fields.