Blog: June 2012

Jailine Torres

Live from camp: Badminton and goodbyes

Well hey guys!

I have enjoyed meeting everyone. The last two weeks have been filled with excitement, stress and tiredness, but it was all worth it because I have learned a lot.

Ibad Jafri

Live from camp: Constructive summer

I’m not going to lie to you; at this point, I’ve lost track of the days. My gut says that it’s Thursday. The computer I’m writing this on says Wednesday. Let’s go with that. Wednesday.

Kris's Blog

12 Weeks to Fitness: Continuing with my progress

Q&A with ThreeSixty Journalism and Kris Mitchell to find out how the 12-week program to get fit and healthy went and hear about Kris’s challenges, successes, failures and the future.

Dami Gilbert

Live from camp: Never thought journalism camp could be so much fun

I still remember the night before camp, making sure I didn’t forget anything (which I still ended up doing) and feeling a little nervous just thinking about how my first time going to camp would be.

Diana Lu

Live from camp: The beginning of the end

Yesterday marked the beginning of our last week at camp.

Ikran Ali

Live from camp: A risk worth taking

On Sunday, we ate brunch, went shopping at the Mall of America, had dessert at Cafe Latte, and ended the night with an episode of “America’s got Talent.” It was, overall, a pretty decent work-free day

Katelyn Rounsville

Live from camp: Nervousness has faded away

I’ll admit that coming into this camp I was a bit nervous. My family and I loaded the car, buckled our seatbelts, drove for a half-an-hour, and pulled up to the University of St.

Selin Kurtoglu

Live from camp: Becoming a family with my campmates

As of Friday, we only have a week left of camp.

Amolak Singh

Live from camp: Understanding and writing about the photo ID amendment

Writing, writing, writing…

Politics, politics, politics…

Democrats, republicans, photo IDs, GLBT rights, elections, amendments, civics…

That’s what we spent most of our Thursday at camp doing

Jailine Marin Torres

Live from camp: Interviewing Secretary of State Mark Ritchie

It’s been an interesting, tiring, and exciting first four days of camp.