Live from Camp: Writing ... for TV!

Editor’s note: Each day, one of our 11 student writers at June Intermediate Camp will reflect on life learning the journalism ropes at the University of St. Thomas. Come back each day to revel in the fun (and hard work) of being a ThreeSixty residential camper. Also, check out our student bios, complete with awesome headshots by Aidan Haarman.

Today was the start of TV week. After Freddy did his icebreaker, Becky Nahm of KSTP and Jana Shortal of KARE 11 came in and showed us examples of television stories they had done and how print and TV differ. Jana showed us a story she did on Amy Taylor, a mom dying of stage 4 breast cancer who made videos for her two children. The whole class cried — it was so sad!

Afterward, we had lunch with the TV mentors (they are so funny!) and we looked at a TV script. Scripts for TV are split in half — the left half is for the video clips and the sequence, and the right half is for the anchors and reporters. It was confusing at first, but I understood after a while.

We then went to take a tour of KSTP. They have radio stations, like KS95. It was really fun. We also got to see the 5 p.m. news live. The anchors read their script off a teleprompter, and it looked like they were just talking normally. We tried to do the same, but we weren’t as good! After the tour we went to Chipotle and drove back to campus.

Aamino Hirmoge, Intermediate Journalism Camp ’13