Live from Camp: Reflections on dorm life

Editor’s note: Each day, one of our 11 student writers at June Intermediate Camp will reflect on life learning the journalism ropes at the University of St. Thomas. Come back each day to revel in the fun (and hard work) of being a ThreeSixty residential camper. Also, check out our student bios, complete with awesome headshots by Aidan Haarman.

Even though it’s only been eight days, I feel like we’ve been here forever. While I am having fun, I have to say I miss my parents and my friends. College life is fun, but after coming to camp I’m realizing that when I go to college I will not be staying in a dorm. Do you know how awkward it is to walk out of the shower and into a hallway of people you don’t know? Also, the bathrooms look like something from a scary movie and the beds are kind of uncomfortable.

But today was cool. It was a work day for everyone. I was delayed on my article because my laptop is broken, but now I’m on track and feel better about what I’m writing.

I sat outside today instead of being in the classroom to get my creative juices flowing and it worked. I got a lot of work done, except people kept looking at me crazy, probably because I look sixteen. Or maybe it’s because I got up and started dancing every time I saw a bug by me.

I can’t wait for the what’s next for camp and I’m already sad it’s ending. I’ve met some cool people and made memories I don’t think I would have made anywhere else.

Amira Warren-Yearby, Intermediate Journalism Camp ’13