Live from Camp: Heat swells and Lucy Michelle

Editor’s note: Each day, one of our 11 student writers at June Intermediate Camp will reflect on life learning the journalism ropes at the University of St. Thomas. Come back each day to revel in the fun (and hard work) of being a ThreeSixty residential camper. Also, check out our student bios, complete with awesome headshots by Aidan Haarman.

This morning began with a rare appearance of the sun, warming the earth up to 88 degrees. There was much work ahead of the young journalists and an exciting conclusion to the day.

Everyone did their normal routine of taking a jog around the river or just going straight to breakfast. It was the second day that they would meet with their mentors. The day was fun but busy with many teams of journalists out doing interviews. Around the metro, they interviewed for the stories that will appear in the Pioneer Press or the Star Tribune. Once they returned, they began typing up their notes and quotes from the interviews.

After the day’s work, they gathered at the bus stop outside Davanni’s and headed towards Mears Park to watch a concert performed by Hot Date and Lucy Michelle. While there, they interviewed a few teens at the park. Soon they found themselves hanging out with a group of teens who were friends of Freddy, one of the ThreeSixty writers. For the rest of the night, they rode on Bike Taxis, ate food, drank pop, and talked as they walked around the park’s perimeters.

The ride home was a little wild but also fun because they all shared their favorite moment of the night. Who knows what’s in store next for the young reporters?

Freddy McConnell, Intermediate Journalism Camp ’13