Debuting traveling workshops: Photojournalism

Our students write stories. But, did you know they shoot photos, too?

This winter, six students from the Northside Community YMCA spent three days with ThreeSixty learning to tell their stories through pictures. Equipped with digital cameras and their own eye for a good story, they were released to the halls of the youth center to find compelling images.

The result: three thoughtful and tender stories sharing students’ experiences of the YMCA. To see the world from Angeli’s lens, see photos and story below.

When asked his favorite part of the class, our youngest student, Davion, smiled and said “getting to meet a famous photographer and seeing her pretty pictures.”

That famous photographer was Star Tribune photographer Kyndell Harkness, who spent a day with our students mentoring them on photo selection and sharing with them her experience as a professional.

Davion was glad to have learned “how to actually use my camera” and is excited to start taking better pictures.

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— Katie Johnson, ThreeSixty community outreach editor

Adrian Eberhardt, 23, youth worker at North Community YMCA, read books to kindergarten-first graders, on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

Seventeen children listened to Eberhardt read stories about animals.

“I liked the story about the duck the best,” said Taylor Butler, 7. “Adrian is nice.”

Anaya Nixon, 7, said, “I learned that little ducklings can’t fly and ducks are smaller than swans.”

Eberhardt says he likes working with high energy kids at the Y.

“I was involved in Kwanzaa Church and I got to go to New Mexico,” he said. “I also got to meet the Dali Lama and Desmond Tutu.”

“I’ve been working here for three years. It’s made me a better person. I’m a super talker so this place is good for me.”