Live from camp: Teaching an old writer new tricks


The first day of ThreeSixty Journalism’s beginner’s camp was not like any other: it was nerve-wracking, especially being introduced to a style of writing I had never done before. Learning is not always the easiest thing with me; especially changing the way I write, so this camp provides a unique challenge.

When we arrived in the classroom, we introduced ourselves to each other, and dove right into learning. We were taught simple journalism and writing techniques, as well as things we should and shouldn’t do. Then we went to lunch, and after a much-needed refreshment, we were back at home base.

During the afternoon we started to brainstorm ideas for stories, and we came up with a decent list of general topics including economics, sports, food, and art. We had to narrow these down to ideas that we could actually write about. For example, we narrowed down the subject of economics to over ten different ideas, including college debt and why summer camps just aren’t getting enough applicants. To wrap the day up, we got candy and the schedule for tomorrow.

Darwesh Sing, Introduction to Journalism ’12

Darwesh Singh