Live from camp: Badminton and goodbyes


Well hey guys!

I have enjoyed meeting everyone. The last two weeks have been filled with excitement, stress and tiredness, but it was all worth it because I have learned a lot. Even so, it was hard for me to leave my family for two weeks and I’m excited to be able to see them again.

The topic of my story was sort of stressful because it was a topic that was complicated to comprehend and something I had never heard about. But by the end of all of this I understood it and learned a lot. I now feel like I can give someone an answer to a question about the voter photo ID amendment. I am much more informed on this topic than I was two weeks ago.

We had a lot of fun during these two weeks. We got to go on trips around Saint Paul and Minneapolis. I think the Mall Of America was the best place we went. I really enjoyed walking around with Katie and Diana. We saw the Sanrio store, which completely overwhelmed me with the love of my life… Hello Kitty. Although once we sat down to eat I did NOT want to get up. My legs and feet were sore from walking around the mall. Once we got back Katie, Diana, and I played badminton in the yard of Koch Commons. That was hilarious, especially when we tried to get the birdie out of the tree.

Another highlight was sitting in the computer lab in the boy’s dorm with the girls. I guess throughout this whole camp we’ve all had some laughs, seen each other during bad times, hung out without make-up in our jammies, and really become a family.

Alright guys… Let’s go home!!!

Jailine Torres, Intermediate Camp ’12

Jailine Torres