Live from camp: Understanding and writing about the photo ID amendment


Writing, writing, writing…

Politics, politics, politics…

Democrats, republicans, photo IDs, GLBT rights, elections, amendments, civics…

That’s what we spent most of our Thursday at camp doing, understanding, and learning.

In the morning, we looked at the videos of interviews we recorded yesterday, looked at our notes, worked on first drafts for our stories, and finished up left over interviews.

During lunch, I had an interesting talk with Diana and Fred Melo, a reporter from the St. Paul Pioneer Press, about topics ranging from the languages I speak to Fred’s most memorable stories (one about a mentally unfit guy who decapitated his mother).

In the afternoon, I got a decent start on the first draft for my story about a very enthusiastic supporter of Mitt Romney who lives in St. Paul.

Amolak interviewing a Mitt Romney supporter

I have learned a lot so far at this camp. Before coming here, I had not heard about the photo ID amendment. Now I know the basics, and by the end of this camp, I will know so much about this topic.

This has been a great learning experience, and it’s too bad that it’ll end in a little more than a week.

Well, I need to stop writing.

See ya.

Amolak Singh, Intermediate Camp ’12

Amolak Singh