Live from camp: Interviewing Secretary of State Mark Ritchie


It’s been an interesting, tiring, and exciting first four days of camp.

The first day was very emotional because I was nervous about the topic we’re going to write about (the elections), shy because I have a tough time meeting others, and very sad because it is the first time I have had to say goodbye to my mommy and not see her for two WEEKS!!! But after my parents left, I got to meet everyone, and they all were nice and chilled back. The first day was kind of a relaxing day and full of meeting new people.

The second day was interesting because we did A LOT!!! I NEVER expected to be sitting in the classroom basically all day, but hey, I guess everyone had a lot to say. To be honest, I learned a lot – how to take pictures, how to interview people, and how to make a video.

On Tuesday, the third day of camp, Maya, Ikran, Lynda, and I went to Minneapolis Community and Technical College to interview random students about voting. What really shocked me the most was that a lot of them knew about the marriage amendment but none of them knew about the photo ID amendment.

One of the best parts of Tuesday was at night. We hid in a really good location and scared the basketball girls (who are also here at St. Thomas for basketball camp) with Katie’s eery ring tone from her phone. I felt bad, but it was funny.

Yesterday was another very exciting day. Maya, Ikran, and I went to interview the Secretary of State Mark Ritchie. He was a very nice man. What I found really funny is that it took him 30 minutes to answer our first question, but it was good because he gave us a lot information that was useful for our stories. After the interview, we walked around the capital building, which was adorned with beautiful paintings. After all of the interviews, including another one we did at the U of M, I was really tired. I just wanted to lie down and get some rest, and I did. When we got back to St. Thomas, I went straight to my dorm and took a nice long nap. It felt really good.

Today, I have another interview with the former Secretary of State Mary Kliffmeyer. I hope it goes by quick and that I get lots of information to finish my rough draft. I’m very tired today, but who cares as long as I’m doing something interesting.

Overall, these first few days of camp have been really nice. I love how I’ve made new friends and found out I have a twin in camp (Katie). I love talking to Dami, Ikran, and Katie. They are funny and just straight up fun to be around.

Well I’m of to work on my rough draft.

Have an awesome day!!! ☺

Jailine Marin Torres, Intermediate Camp ’12

Jailine Marin Torres