Tyler Otte of Dakota County poses with his Champion Black Angus

Teens sell livestock for thousands at state fair 4-H auction

On the first Saturday of the Minnesota State Fair, 18-year-old Tyler Otte’s champion Angus beef cattle earned him $5,600.

Julie Brandt had to petition to start a girls lacrosse team in 2003

Popularity of lacrosse increasing so fast there aren't enough coaches

In 2003, Julie Brandt was interested in playing a spring sport, but her school didn’t have one that she liked. So she and her friends started a petition at Centennial High School to create a girl’s lacrosse team. Seven years later, Julie is currently the head coach of St. Paul’s fifth and sixth grade girls lacrosse league.

High school athletes fundraise as sports budgets continue to shrink

High school athletes fundraising more as sports budgets continue to shrink

Imagine high school without sports, yearbooks without athletes, Friday nights without the lights on at the football stadium.

Vanessa Phillips, 17, got help finding her first job from a city program.

Demand increases for program that helps teens find jobs

When Vanessa Phillips, 17, was getting less and less hours at her job at Taco Bell, she started looking for a new one. She was surprised to find one within a month in this economy, and credits her success to a city funded program, STEP-UP, which helped her get her first job.


Which movie is a must-see this summer?

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Prince of Persia
The Last Airbender
Iron Man II
Clash of the Titans
Jonah Hex
Robin Hood
Toy Story III
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VIDEO: From video games to real life: Guns have deadly consequences.

It is not uncommon for teens to use guns in video games or see shootings on TV or the movies. However, those images can blur the line between fantasy and a horrible reality.

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Stealth attack: Minnesota’s most common STI often has no symptoms

Curing chlamydia takes just one dose of an antibiotic, but it’s hard to cure Minnesota’s most common sexually transmitted infection when more than three of four victims don’t know they have it.

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VIDEO: Distracted driving is a major source of teen accidents

The news is constantly filled with stories of shootings, drug overdoses and other tragedies involving teens.

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VIDEO: More food, less exercise cause Type 2 diabetes to rise among teens

Type 2 diabetes is a growing health concern in Minnesota and the nation. More and more, teens struggle with this form of diabetes.

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Mixed message: Minnesota teens smoke and drink less, but are fatter and more likely to be hurt by guns

The concept of health goes a lot deeper than how many fruits and vegetables a person eats each day.

Teen health stories - June journalism camp

ThreeSixty's Intermediate Journalism Camp investigates teen health

In June 2010, 13 teens from all corners of the Twin Cities arrived at the University of St. Thomas and spent two weeks living, learning and doing great journalism.

Seven students produced articles while six others produced videos. All their work addresses the topic of teens and health.

Madi Fink is a successful babysitter.

Build a babysitting business

Madi Fink pulls down about $240 a month but she doesn’t get yelled at by management or deal with angry customers. But sometimes she does have to clean up spills, just not in aisle 4.


End-of-year picnic

Saturday, June 12, 2010
University of St. Thomas - corner of Cleveland Ave and Selby Ave (volleyball court)

To recognize and celebrate the work of our reporters who worked with us this year (August 2009 – June 2010).

End-of-year picnic
Porschea Kensey, a 15-year-old mom, is struggling to find a job

Teen mom struggles to find work

For Porschea Kensey, a 15-year-old mom, a job means independence. If only she could find one.

Your Turn contests

Your Turn contests break for summer

Since summer is the busiest time of year for many teens and ThreeSixty staff, Your Turn contests will take a break for the summer and resume during the fall.

Luke Anshur

Teen starts computer repair business when he can't find a job

“I searched up and down and it seemed like no one wanted to hire me for my skills. I didn’t know what to do,” Luke Anshur said.

Dropping out: "Not an option?" Then why do so many teens do it?

Dropping out: "Not an option?" Then why do so many teens do it?

In February 2009 and again that September, President Barack Obama issued a challenge to America’s teens: Everyone should graduate from high school and get at least a year of post-secondary training.

Teen job market

In a tough teen job market, teens struggle, but also overcome

The number of employed teens has been dropping since 2000 — from 45 out of 100 in 2000 to 26 out of 100 in 2009 — and the recession in 2007 hit teen workers hard.

A new group of ThreeSixty reporters looked at the overall situation of the job market, and how teens are faring. They found teens struggling to find work, but also teens who got creative, and found ways to use their talents to earn money.

The dos and don'ts of job interviewing

Don’t we all hate those awkward pauses and tricky questions during a job interview? Get tips on how to master the job interview.

Teen job market

Teen job market continues to shrink

For seven months, Kayla Fries, 17, was grateful to have a job working as a cashier at the local Snyders Drug Store, but after Walgreens bought the chain, she found herself one of many teens looking for a job.

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