A screenshot of a post from the “HeForShe” campaign

Feminism in the digital age: Social media has played a big role in the modern-day feminist movement

Kristine Holmgren has seen feminism evolve throughout the decades.

A veteran feminist, Holmgren says these days, social media is play­ing an integral role in the women’s movement.

A digital connection: Instant communication can be helpful or harmful when used in relationships

Liz Fesenmaier and her boyfriend may live nearly 1,200 miles apart, but communication is only a few taps away.

youth gathered on April 3 outside the Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis

Al-Shabab’s actions hit home in Minnesota: Locals speak out against Somalia-based Islamist militant group’s attack in Kenya

“Stop Al-Shabab barbaric terror.”

“We stand with Garissa University.”

“Down (with) extremist Al-Shabab ideology.”

Chasing truth with a camera: Why two local photographers joined the Ferguson fray

Nancy Musinguzi and Patience Zalanga believe that truth is determined by what perspective you are viewing it from. So they decided to change their perspective from “looking in” to “being in.”

The next generation: Twin Cities youth organizations aim to lift up future leaders

Ask any adult about the success they’ve achieved and they’re bound to cite the importance of mentorship when they were younger. Could be a parent. Could be a teacher. Could be a coach or volunteer.

Getting ahead globally: Immersion schools put students on the bilingual fast track

Society is one large melting pot — causing some advocates and students to say that immersion education is the way of the future. So what exactly does it entail?

In the shadows of Target Field at the Home Run Derby

It’s July 14 and 57 degrees — the coldest mid-July day on record in Minneapolis. It’s miserable, frankly, as rain drizzles intermittently at Target Field.


Camp snapshots: Mall of America -- like you've never seen it before

Would Minnesota’s largest attraction exist as it is today without public relations teams monitoring the Mall of America brand constantly?


An isolated existence: Autistic teens battle hidden demons

If autistic teens had their way, they might never leave the basement. Two local students share their daily struggles and personal challenges.


The life of a preacher’s daughter isn’t what you see in pop culture

Historically, preachers’ daughters are expected to be virtuous. They should dress conservatively. Spend more time at church than at parties. They’re “daddy’s little girls.”


Interfaith discussion opens up a bigger world to teens

Sundays at the Interfaith Youth Leadership Coalition are meant to stimulate honest conversation. Questions are strongly encouraged.


Following religious rules can be a matter of personal preference

When it comes to religious rules, does practice make … perfect?


SafeZone in St. Paul gives homeless youth the tools to succeed

As the sign reads, “SafeZone is a community.”


The stigma of homelessness is tough, but not insurmountable

For several young people experiencing personal setbacks, overcoming homelessness is not an impossible task.


Shining stars: Stargirl Initiative aims to help young girls feel empowered

A humble endeavor by one South Minneapolis mother from Ghana aims to help young girls feel better about their self-image and self worth.

The race issue: Twin Cities teens open up about daily indignities, personal challenges

They’re not black enough. They speak “Mexican.” They must be overachievers if they’re Chinese … good with computers if they’re Indian … hiding something if they wear a turban. Twin Cities teens have heard it all—and frankly, they’re a bit tired of the pervasive labels.

Mixed results: The challenges of being multiracial go well beyond a checkmark

For young multiracials, identity is a lifelong conversation. Since the data can often be messy, perhaps it’s more important for mixed race people to think about themselves individually rather than categorically.

Style in the bargain aisle: Thrift shopping gives teens options

Big brands still hold sway among mall dwellers, but with an increasing eye on variety and affordability, thrift shopping is making a fashionable dent.

Think before you ink: Tattoos might be everywhere—but Minnesota requires teens to wait

From Justin Bieber to LeBron James, tattoos seem to be everywhere in popular culture. But Minnesota law requires teens to wait. So, what’s the right age to get one?

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