Many teens grow more cautious about Facebook postings

Since school officials in Eden Prairie and Woodbury suspended students from extracurricular activities after finding on-line photos of them drinking alcohol, other teens have been taking action.

Some limit access to their Facebook pages; others have grown more cautious about what they post on popular social-networking sites.

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MacPhail Center's battle of the bands attracts teen musicians

High school bands from Wisconsin, Minneapolis and Wayzata battled Jan. 6 for a chance to open a Jan.

High school band win the battle

For Sarah Walk and the rest of her band, Friday night was a performance most garage bands only dream about. Flow and the Mingos, a band of Wayzata juniors, and Arts and Crafts another teen band from Chetek, Wisc., opened a concert to a crowd of 250 people at the new MacPhail Center for White Light Riot, a well-known local band.

The two high school bands won the opening spot by winning a battle of the bands sponsored Jan. 6 by MacPhail as part of the celebration for its new building in downtown Minneapolis and to show that MacPhail offers more than the classics.


Will Smith is Legend. Movie isn't.

Robert Neville is the last man on Earth. Three years after a supposed vaccine for cancer was discovered, more than 90 percent of the world’s population becomes infected with the virus that turns humans and dogs into nocturnal zombies. Neville, played by Will Smith, is one of less than one percent who is immune to the virus. A military scientist, he frantically looks for a cure to the disease while avoiding the darkness where the infected dwell.

Why so much testing? Answers from an expert

In an interview with ThreeSixty reporter Annie Wood, David Heistad, executive director of research, evaluation and assessment for Minneapolis Public Schools, discussed why students are required to take so many standardized tests and the value of classroom preparation for the test.


Q & A with Hazelden Expert

Jim Steinhagen, executive director of Hazelden Youth Services and the Center for Youth and Families offers his insight on what teens should know about drinking and recovery from chemical dependency.


DFLer Senate Hopeful Al Franken Draws Crowd at St Paul's Como High

A veteran writer from Saturday Night Live and a St. Louis Park native, Franken hopes to challenge Senator Norm Coleman in the 2008 election. First, he must defeat his DFL challenger for the party endorsement, Minneapolis lawyer Michael Ciresi.

Franken’s critics say his biggest hurdle is his show business past as a writer and comedian. Franken doesn’t agree.

“A satirist looks at a situation and cuts through all the bologna and gets to the truth,” he said.

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Failure to progress means freedom to choose

When Humboldt Junior High failed to show adequate yearly progress in students’ test scores, parents received a letter giving them a chance to move their children to other schools.

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Cameras and cops work to keep campuses safe

With video cameras, early-alert systems and increased patrols, Minnesota college campuses have tightened security in the wake of the killings at Virginia Tech.

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Soccer World: a Taste of Minnesota Friendly

Soccer World;1,006 teams from 21 countries and 25 states compete for the USA cup and create lifelong memories

Teens compete for jobs with adults

Jevita Baheriy had been searching for a job with no luck. “Oh my God! It seems like I completed a thousand applications and there would be no calls back,” said the 17-year-old St. Paul resident.

Not only is there competition among teens for jobs, but also inexperienced teens find themselves competing with experienced adults. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, each year at least two million people between the ages of 16 and 24 swell the work force between April and July, making it even tougher for teens to secure a job.


Lack of transportation difficult for Somalis

On a hot Tuesday afternoon, Bahjo Mahamud packed her lunch and left her family’s Eden Prairie apartment to begin her daily 30-minute walk to work at the local Target store.


Teens, no talking while driving

Sixteen-year-old Thomas Birai walks out of his house chomping on some toast. The chain around his neck jingles with each step. He gets into his car, buckles his seat belt and takes off down the street toward the corner. His cell phone rings. It’s a friend. He slows down, picks up the phone and answers.

Students pay high price to park at school

Every year Louis Boney wrote the dreaded check so he could park his Hummer in the Eden Prairie High School parking lot. The payment line: $300.

He’s not alone in paying this much in parking permit cost. Even with parking costs and rising gas prices, students are still choosing to drive to school.

“I think kids are driving to school because of peer pressure and because they think it’s the cool thing to do,” said Jan Holmes of the support staff at Eden Prairie High School.

MLK is a unique rec center for teens

Tucked away in the Rondo neighborhood of St. Paul is the Martin Luther King Recreation Center. And in the hallway off the lobby are two trophy cases with evidence of the center’s two top-notch basketball programs.


MAD DADS fight back in Northside

Balloons are no longer only used to show where a birthday party is being held on the North Side of Minneapolis, but are decor on memorial trees for innocent victims, including Charez Jones, the 14-year-old girl who was shot and killed June 9.

Twenty students chosen for ThreeSixty summer workshop

Twenty high school students have been chosen to participate in this summer’s ThreeSixty Summer Journalism Workshop at the University of St. Thomas.

The two-week journalism camp will be held June 17-29 at the St. Thomas campus in St. Paul. Six of the students selected are African-American, seven are Asian-American, three are Latino and four are Caucasian. Eight of them will also participate in a one-week broadcasting camp from July 3-7.


What happens when bad news goes home.

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