Day 8: Stranger Danger

I know I couldn’t be prepared for everything in the future, but I know how to overcome many of the things that might get in my way. I can bounce back, and it’s these stories that tell me I can.

I never thought that I would able to write my college essay in less than a week.

During the first week of ThreeSixty Journalism Camp I got the chance to meet Tom Clasen and had the honor of working with him as my writing coach. I got some very helpful tips that I know will stay with me no matter where I go. I learned that you should not be afraid in telling your story. We all have stories but we do not want to share it because we are afraid we will get judged by it. I thank Tom for that. It's good to hear that from someone older than you, and know that they do want to hear our stories.

I also got the amazing chance to meet some really awesome people. I love talking and making new friends. And that is something that ThreeSixty Journalism is good at.  But something that really surprised me about ThreeSixty Journalism is that it only took two days for all of us to meet each other. I feel like I have known them for as long as I have been in school. It is great to spend my day with these people and learn new things with them.

We also got the chance to meet some really amazing people who work in different newspaper companies. We met Ruben Rosario, a columnist at the St. Paul Pioneer Press; Neal Justin, a media critic at Star Tribune; Ibrahim Hirsi who is a staff writer at MinnPost, and Mark Anfinson who is a private attorney - in Miles’ words, a “walking library”. These are all amazing people that took their time to come and talk to us about journalism and say that whatever we want to do, we can do.

I am very fortunate to be in Threesixty Journalism. I cannot think of a better way to be spending my summer than to meet new friends and learn new skills on how to improve in writing, or in my case, start a school newspaper for my school. I look forward to camp every day.

- Maria Sanchez Resendiz, Roosevelt High School Class of 2017

Maria Sanchez Resendiz

Today is our eighth day in the ThreeSixty Journalism program. We started our day by grabbing the StarTribune newspapers, then taking a quiz about the news and some questions from the stuff we learned in class. The first week of ThreeSixty Summer Camp has been amazing. Last week ended so quick, but we got so much work done and everyone was working hard. It is really fun being here.

So far, we have finished our college essays and I couldn't be more happy for all the hard work we put into it. Everyone was on-task throughout the whole week, and I haven't seen so many people who are friendly and determined to learn as the students I’ve met here.

This camp really helped me a lot - specially, building my confidence, sharing my thoughts with others, and networking. Everyone here has been very friendly, respectful, and willing to listen what you have to say.

Chad is one of the best people I’ve met in this camp. He helped me a lot in my college essay and encouraged me to share my story with the rest of the students, even though I was too shy and nervous to step up in front of people and read my story. Chad gave me confidence by saying I didn’t need to be nervous. Bao and Miles are also great people. They are very friendly and I learned a lot from them. I am willing to learn more and enjoy the rest of camp.

- Abdifatah Abdi, Roosevelt High School Class of 2018


This was my third day at the ThreeSixty Journalism Camp. It's all about preparing teenagers for a world filled with journalism. But I see it differently.

I came hoping to expand my knowledge on writing in general. Writing has always been one of my weaknesses. I wasn’t sure that I would learn anything helpful in that aspect, but surprise, surprise!! I have been learning so many new ways to write and catch a reader’s attention.

ThreeSixty Journalism is not only pushing me in writing, but also in meeting new people. Everyday we get to meet a new guest. This day, we got to meet the one of the best lawyers in America, and if that's not exciting and new, then I don't know what is!

Today, my classmates and I had to go around the campus to interview strangers all about their summer plans and also ask them what they were doing on campus. I had a lot of support from the camp and the people I interviewed were all so kind. In fact, the first two people I talked to answered all my questions!

- Citlali Bastian McClain, Roosevelt High School Class of 2017


Today we were doing MOS interviews, which means, “Man On Street” interviews. The ThreeSixty Journalism students were sent out on a mission to find random strangers and have a casual conversation with them about their summer plans and how their summers are going.

When I first realized what MOS interviews were, my anxiety skyrocketed. I love talking with people, but I knew breaking the ice would be the hardest thing. It was uncomfortable to definitely confront, but overall, everyone on campus was really great to interview.

The new students have definitely gotten used to the atmosphere around, and I think everyone here can agree that we have become more of a family. I have friends here who are unbelievably open minded and so sweet. I am so grateful to find people who have the same passion for writing that I do, and it’s great to feel like the world is a lot smaller.

My ultimate favorite thing we do a lot in the camp are the activities. I think the activities are where we can apply what we’ve learned but also be able to see the fun in it, and working together in groups allows us to share a lot of our thinking. It’s a really important thing for everyone to feel like their voices are being heard. The great thing about it is that it gets easier and easier. 

I have also met some amazing speakers who I think truly make a difference in the world. These people have so many stories to tell about what they’ve learned in the past. I know I couldn’t be prepared for everything in the future, but I know how to overcome many of the things that might get in my way. I can bounce back, and it’s these stories that tell me I can. I know in the future, I won’t hesitate to say hello to the guest speakers I’ve met here.

- Katelyn Vue, North High School Class of 2018

Citlali Bastian McClain, Abdifatah Abdi, and Katelyn Vue