Day 6: The Makings of a Journalist

Even after one week at the St. Thomas campus with my ThreeSixty class, I already know my way around and feel as if I have known my classmates for much more than a week.

After a long and fast-paced first week at ThreeSixty Journalism working on my college essay, I acknowledged how important it was to be vulnerable to college admissions.

I not only wrote my personal story in four days, but I read it outloud to my ThreeSixty classmates. They all shared their heartwarming personal stories, and with this our understanding of one another was greatly empathized. The importance of the essay was on how much it could reveal your personality and what has cultivated you into who you aspire to be.This experience was new to me -  it broke me out of my comfort zone by allowing me to speak about my identity for the first time ever.

Starting my second week on Monday, July 18th, I was introduced to new students who came from all over the Twin-Cities, even one international student from Malaysia. These students really opened my mind on how great of an opportunity it is to be part of ThreeSixty.

Diving into the didactic day, we were taught steps on how the writing and reporting process works and how to make a story reliable, fresh, and interesting. It was important to me how much you learn when dedicating time to outline and focus in on a specific subject for a story.

I was not only introduced to aspiring-journalists my age, but to real journalists.

Aside the great laughs we had, they shared their amazing stories and gave information on their roles as journalists for the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune. They gave us insight on what we can do now in our millennial age to give power to our voices. So much of what we globally and locally hear in the news is very important because it gives us the chance to look at it from our young perspective and understand it.

A big key point of the day was that one has to always present and dismiss themselves as honest and directly as possible, because you never know the opportunities you will receive from a diligent individual.

Even after one week at the St. Thomas campus with my ThreeSixty class, I already know my way around and feel as if I have known my classmates for much more than a week.

- Kelly Saybe, Roseville Area High School Class of 2017

Bilan Mohamed and Kelly Saybe

Today is the first day of the second week of camp. We finished our college essay last week, and even though it was an intense week, we got through it. This challenged my writing skills.

Today we learned what a journalist does and how they decide which story to tell. A journalist has to be prepared for anything.

We also learned that storytelling is key and that journalists can't be biased at all. They cannot put their opinion in their work because they must tell both sides of the story. If you are biased, you will lose the trust your viewers have in you.

We had two speakers today. One of the speakers, Ruben Rosario of the Pioneer Press, used to work with the New York Times. He used to cover crime stories. He told us stories of teens that had struggled but succeeded in the end.

The other speaker, Neal Justin of the Star Tribune, taught us how to introduce yourself. He called it the “Elevator Speech” because it should not be long but it should get your point across.

This program has been a great experience so far and I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

- Bilan Mohamed, Ubah Medical Academy Class of 2017