Day 4: Just Keep Swimming

Sadly, we are around the end of News Reporter Academy. With the bittersweet feeling of camp winding down to the end, I am grateful to be a part of News Reporter Academy. The News Reporter Academy experience has taught me the values of deadlines and how to “wing” stories when a vital interviewee doesn’t show up. This experience has taught me that life moves on and there’s no time to wait for unfortunate events; “Just keep swimming” -Disney Pixar’s, Nemo.

Today my partner and I finished our story on a woman that went through the foster care system as a child. This story was one tough battle to get through. Throughout the writing process, many disagreements were present.

At first I thought this story would be a piece of cake but when two ideas don’t agree, it’s extremely hard to come to an agreement. But through communicating with our editing coach Jocelina Joiner and the ThreeSixty staff, we made it to the end. All in all, I am happy with our story. I hope to be part of other ThreeSixty Journalism programs that are to come in the future!

- Tyler Lee, Harding Senior High School Class of 2017