Day 1: Girls Rule

I’m excited to apply the journalism skills that I have learned to my story. My topic is nutrition, but I won’t tell you anything more. You will have to wait to read it when it’s published!

After two weeks at St. Thomas with ThreeSixty, I decided to continue with ThreeSixty by attending the News Reporter Academy because two weeks was just not enough.

Today, I was introduced to Kare11 Reporter Boua Xiong, who is the first Hmong female reporter in the state of Minnesota. Her job as a reporter is to reveal real stories about educational issues through inspiring moments that feature individuals across the state. Xiong was able to tell us about the value of building sources and the value of listening to them when developing a story idea.

Later after having lunch at The View, we met with Fox9 Sports Journalist, Dawn Mitchell. Despite being one of few women reporting sports, Mitchell’s energetic presence expressed how passionate she is for her job.

I found it so inspiring that Mitchell wants to break barriers for women who are seen as not good enough to be a sports reporter, just like her. Part of her being talented at her job comes from being true to herself and really listening to her sources, something that every aspiring journalist should have.

Not only did we hear from two guest speakers, but we also were told that we are to write a story this week that will be featured in the Star Tribune or Pioneer Press. I am looking forward to this week to write an engrossing story on the concept of waist trainers, and in the process developing my writing skills to grasp what it is like to be a journalist.

- Kelly Saybe, Roseville Area High School Class of 2017


It’s the third week for me in the ThreeSixty Journalism camp. I have learned a lot from all of my fellow classmates and also from all of the amazing people that have come and shared their knowledge with us.

Today we have had two speakers come in: Boua Xiong and Dawn Mitchell. Let me tell you how amazing these two amazing women are.

Boua Xiong is the first Hmong news reporter in Minnesota she was picked because of her outstanding skills and work ethic not just because of her race. Boua told us that the best way to approach some is by being respectful and giving them their space. Another thing that i got from her that staying in touch with past people that you have met is a great thing to do because it will build your network.

Dawn Mitchell is just great. She is an anchor and sports reporter at Fox9 Sports. Dawn is also one of the only women in Minnesota that is in sports journalism. Dawn showed us that just because someone says you can not do it, you shouldn’t just give up. “Show them that we can and get them mad” is what she said. She also mention a lot of helpful tips when it comes to interviewing people:

  • Listen to what they have to say

  • Always try to start your story with the best

  • Do not ask with attitude

  • If you do the right thing you will stay


I am really glad I got the chance to meet with these two amazing women.

- Maria Sanchez Resendiz, Roosevelt High School Class of 2017


Samantha HoangLong, Maria Sanchez Resendiz, and Kelly Saybe


Another week of ThreeSixty Journalism Camp has begun! I’m excited to be back on the University of St. Thomas campus.

Last time, I was here for the two-week long Rookie Journalism camp in June. This time, it will only last a week and I will get to write an article for the Pioneer Press or Star Tribune. I’m excited to apply the journalism skills that I have learned to my story. My topic is nutrition, but I won’t tell you anything more. You will have to wait to read it when it’s published!

We had two guest speakers, Boua Xiong and Dawn Mitchell. They were both really interesting to listen to. Xiong had tips on developing sources and how her ethnicity affects her career. Mitchell described the reality of a career in journalism, especially as a woman in sports news. I loved asking them questions because they had such descriptive answers. Our group pictures got posted on both of their twitters! I followed and tweeted them. Xiong followed me back while Mitchell responded to me with a tweet. Super cool.

This camp is made up of students from different camp sessions, so I met a lot of other ThreeSixty students today. I’m glad I got to see some of my friends again, and I can’t wait to get to know the others!

- Samantha HoangLong, Burnsville High School Class of 2017