Day 4: So Far, So Great!

Overall, ThreeSixty Journalism camp is a fantastic way to start my summer off. I love spending time on campus and meeting so many people.

For the past four days I have gained knowledge, friendship and confidence here at ThreeSixty Journalism. I initially came into camp expecting not to learn much, but I can honestly say I have learned writing and social skills that I could use not just in journalism, but in the professional world as well.  

Today was field trip day! We took an unforgettable tour inside the Best Buy headquarters. There was a lot to learn and I didn’t shy from asking a lot questions and taking notes! Through this visit I learned what a public relations specialist was. I also learned everyday skills in being successful in the business world.

My biggest takeaway was the power of networking. Networking is a common theme every guest speaker stresses to us campers. They tell us we should not be shy to make connections and ask questions with everyone we meet.

When we returned on campus I took advantage of this advice. I was nervous and hesitant at first, but when the next guest speakers, Briana Gruenewald and Emma Strub from Bellmont Partners Public Relations, caught my interests, I gained the confidence to ask for their contact information and keep in touch.

Later in the day, an inspirational photojournalist, David Joles of the Star Tribune, showed us the power of photography. I learned that photos hold a lot more than meets the eye. They hold touching stories.

Today was inspiring. I’m excited to see where taking risks and asking great questions takes me in my future. So far, so great!

– Oralyn Weah, Champlin Park High School Class of 2017

Oralyn Weah, Baher Hussein, Samantha HoangLong

Imagine a group of successful people in a beautiful, grand and organized building doing what they love while staying productive. Welcome to the Best Buy headquarters.

My day at ThreeSixty started cloudy and gloomy. The day brightened as we got to the Best Buy headquarters. A friendly man, Chris Havens, who is a manager in communications at Best Buy, greeted us in the stylish, modern lobby. He told us our schedule for the day.

We sat in a meeting room and reviewed journalism and writing techniques. We later addressed how journalism has progressed and how technology has advanced the spread of information. We touched on social media and how it can help or hurt a journalist. We then took a tour.

“This facility is as big as an airport,” our tour guide shouted, laughing. The food, cafes and shops made the headquarters look like a shopping mall. As we walked, we bumped into the CEO of Best Buy, Hubert Joly.

At ThreeSixty Journalism, I have seen and learned things I would have never seen and learned on my own. Today was fantastic and it’s been a fantastic experience.

– Baher Hussein, Spring Lake Park High School Class of 2017

This whole week at ThreeSixty Journalism Camp has been crazy.

On the first day of camp, I rode the city bus for the first time. Let’s just say it was a slightly terrifying experience. I got off my first stop safely, but then missed my transfer bus. Getting lost in downtown Minneapolis was not a fun experience! But with the help of Bao Vang, ThreeSixty’s engagement coordinator, and the Google Maps app, I finally found my way to the University of St. Thomas, only an hour late.

Now everyday I make sure I am extra early to camp. I double check Google Maps every time the bus makes a stop, just to be sure I make it to campus. I usually get off the bus around 8 a.m. To fill my time, I sit and relax in the Anderson Student Center until camp starts.

Wow, we had a lot of guest speakers this week. It was so interesting to learn about journalism through those who have so much experience in the field. I know that I am learning many skills (interviewing, networking, writing) that will be useful no matter what career I pursue.

Today, we visited Best Buy Headquarters. I was not expecting it to be that big of a space. They had a gym, Caribou Coffee, Geek Squad and a theater! Oh, and we casually ran into the CEO of Best Buy. THE CEO! I was slightly starstrucked.

Overall, ThreeSixty Journalism camp is a fantastic way to start my summer off. I love spending time on campus and meeting so many people.

– Samantha HoangLong, Burnsville High School Class of 2017