Day 10: A Bittersweet Goodbye

Today is the last day and I feel excited because I will take the knowledge that I learned here to the outside world.

It took refreshing my memory from 10 years ago, some editing tips, typing enough to reach the minimum amount of words, cutting down my essay to fit the word limit, and some Oreo Minis to finish my essay in one day.

It was a really intense day. We only had until today (Friday) to finish our essays. It was especially difficult for me because I wasn’t here on Wednesday. My college essay didn’t even reach the minimum amount of words needed. It was at 215 words last time I was on the computer on Tuesday, so I knew I had to step up my game.

I couldn’t do this with an empty stomach either, so I guess the Oreos helped.

I’m not the best at meeting deadlines, and I knew I needed to change that. My writing coach Theresa really helped me with how I wanted my essay to go, and helped me cut down my essay so it could really stand out without using too many adverbs, or using cliches.

My memories from a decade ago were a little foggy, but I tried my hardest to remember enough for my essay.

ThreeSixty was one of the most fun programs I’ve ever been a part of because we learned things in a way that didn’t bore us to death. We had people from different places like PBS, Star Tribune and MPR talk to us about what they do in journalism. We went to places like Best Buy to learn about what communications and PR is, and even Kare 11 to learn about broadcasting and what goes on behind the scenes of a local news show. This was definitely a learning experience.

– Elezebet Mitiku, St. Paul Harding High School Class of 2019


Jocelyn Sol Lopez, Elezebet Mitiku, and Amari Graham


ThreeSixty Journalism was a great experience! The skills gained at this program allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and be able to communicate with others in the real world.

I loved the guest speakers, especially Fred de Sam Lazaro and Nikki See, who spoke about the Under-Told Stories Project because they are not so often told to other people or have been told.

Communication skills are important to be able to communicate with others, especially when it comes to having a conversation with people that have careers and have high skilled jobs.

At ThreeSixty Journalism, I was able to learn many things that I did not know before. I was able write like a journalist with specific methods and interview people.

This camp also challenged me while writing my college essay. I had to face the challenge and I was able to finish with a strong college essay while applying the skills that a journalist would use.

Today is the last day and I feel excited because I will take the knowledge that I learned here to the outside world. But I also feel a bit upset that this camp is over because the environment here is so positive and motivates you to keep on going.

I am thankful to be able to be in the program surrounded with so many inspiring teenagers and staff. My experience at ThreeSixty was incredible and enjoyable!

– Jocelyn Sol Lopez, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Class of 2017


On the way to camp I was nervous. My hands were sweaty and my stomach in knots, mostly from my mother’s road rage, but also from the thought of having to say goodbye.

The first day of camp, entering the building, being passed from one person to the next, and looking around the peacefully dim room, I would have never guessed that I would have so much fun in the two weeks we spent together and grow so close to the students and staff. Days before the first day I doubted my decision of signing up, “Two weeks out of my summer from nine to five, I must be crazy.” Today, after walking up the never ending flights of stairs and seeing everyone’s smiling faces, I realized that I don’t regret a thing.

I learned so much when it comes to writing and met so many inspirational people that I would’ve never known about if I hadn’t have attended the ThreeSixty program. I’m still skeptical about pursuing a lifestyle in journalism, but I am sure I have the skills to write a great essay.

– Amari Graham, Champlin Park High School Class of 2017