End-of-the-year photo contest winners!

Congratulations to the three End-of-the-year photo contest winners! We asked our readers to submit one photo that depicts the excitement and chaos at the end of the school year.

Thanks to all the students who submitted. We received many great photos! The photos were judged by our very own ThreeSixty staff.

First place

John Davis of St. John’s Preparatory in Collegeville

Two sixth graders playing on St. John’s Preparatory hill

“This photo captures the playful and innocent nature of our youth before they become corrupted by society – an image we see all too seldom” says Davis.

What the judges say: This photo won first place because it is telling a whole story with one image. John did a wonderful job capturing the playfulness of youth in the last few days of the school year. The slope of the hill and the cast of the shadows create a strong composition. We loved the candid shot of two kids playing on a grassy hill, which makes the viewer feel like they are watching the scene happen. This photo truly captures an end-of-the-year moment.

Second place

Simone Anzion of Henry Sibley high school in Mendota Heights

As the year comes to an end, 8th grader Jacob Lucas goes for a swim. A black and white portrait of the timeless effort and concentration swimming requires.

“I chose this photo because as the school year comes to a close, I am already planning and anticipating what is to come, and what I need to do as a captain of the girl’s swim team. Especially since Henry Sibley has a very young swim team it is important to encourage and remember the beginning years of one’s swimming experience,” said Anzion.

What the judges say: Simone captures intense emotions as the swimmer gets ready for a final swim. We liked the strong attention to detail in this photo — the water drops on the face, the reflections in the goggles. It is easy to mess up a photo like this one. Close up shots require excellent lighting and focus, and Simone took a wonderful photo.

Third place

Jen Deglmann of Benilde-St. Margaret’s in Minneapolis

Taken on an end-of-the-year mission trip, Siphia, Khanissa, and Mickey pose on the steps of their orphanage in Komga, South Africa.

“In April, I took a mission trip through my school to Komga, South Africa with 4 other students. I’ve never stopped thinking about the children we met and helped, including these three boys who changed my life,” says Deglmann.

What the judges say: Much like the other winners, Jen captured a plethora of emotions with a single snap shot. With sun on their faces, each child expresses a different emotion—they are friends and as the eldest, Khanissa holds onto Siphia and Mickey who squint as they smile for the camera. Jen also did an excellent job cropping the photo so that the viewer’s attention focuses only on the children.