Third Place -- The impact of recreational media

I don’t have a social life because I consider the computer as my friend.

Recreational media is a big part of my life. There is nothing like knowing about new things. It could be about sports, celebrities or sometimes politics. It is good to know about something you don’t know.

Anybody can interact or exchange information or experiences through social networking sites like Facebook. It is the easiest way to know about someone, but most of the time it is used as a way of advertising oneself. I learned about this thing after I came to the USA. Before I came here, TV was the only technology I would enjoy. A wide diversity of channels makes it easier to choose whatever a person likes to watch. But the idea of media is to provide the latest information.

However, too much usage of these things is making a negative impact on my life. For example: I have forgotten doing my assignment while chatting with someone else I don’t even know for many hours. I have watched TV until midnight when I was supposed to study for my exam.

I don’t have a social life because I consider the computer as my friend. It is like a person who smokes a cigarette: He would be happy when he got one and depressed when he doesn’t have money to buy. Some other addictive things are MP3 players and video games, which can be considered useless when we compare them to the Internet and TV.

Basically this recreational media is not for a person like me. It makes me happy, but the happiness does not last. It is just for the time being.