Darwesh Singh

Darwesh Singh, a senior at Minnesota Transitions Charter School, is a 2012 graduate of ThreeSixty’s Intro to Journalism Camp. The staff’s resident technology guru, Darwesh has written pieces on gaming careers, the effects of video game violence and the Minnesota United soccer team.

Hometown: St. Paul

Favorite author: Me

Favorite musician(s): Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Kanye West

Favorite movie(s): This question is too hard to answer.

Favorite places/things to do in the Twin Cities: Sports, ThreeSixty, walk around, have fun.

If you could interview anyone (living) who would it be? Cristiano Ronaldo, because he is the best soccer player in the world, and I would love to learn some stuff from him.

What do you like about writing? It’s a great way to voice an opinion, state a fact, or persuade someone.

What issues are important to you? Race, sports and technology.

What is your ideal future career? I would love to own the world.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Madrid, Spain. Because it would just be plain amazing there.

What are your special talents? Winking, raising one eyebrow, singing, computer-ing, soccer-ing, writing, dancing, gaming, being cocky.

What do you do when you’re not at school? Play games, play soccer (real life, of course), design stuff, and work.

What else do you think people should know about you? Contrary to popular belief, I’m actually not a narcissistic, egotistical, cocky man.