Ariel Kendall

Ariel Kendall, the head of ThreeSixty’s fundraising initiative for alumni, has been involved with the program since 2007.

A communication and journalism graduate from the University of St. Thomas, Ariel has worked as a ThreeSixty intern and served as a multimedia reporter for TommieMedia. She was involved in various on-campus mentorship and diversity programs, as well as the student leader on the initiative to make St. Thomas a smoke-free campus. In 2012, Ariel also worked for the Young Empowered Asians campaign that helped mobilize more than 13,000 Asian Americans in Minnesota to vote in November’s election. Ariel currently is a Financial Aid Applications Advisor at TADs Technology Group.

In her role with the Sustainability Initiative, she is dedicated to “connecting and engaging with alumni in order to reach the program’s overall fundraising goals.” When she isn’t pitching in at ThreeSixty, Ariel serves as a financial aid adviser at TADS in Minneapolis.